Weight + Wellness Program

3 month One-On-One Support

(6 sessions) Focus on understanding your body’s unique nutritional needs, create your weight loss strategy, learn stress conquering solutions + how to realistically navigate wellness in today’s world.


What We Dive Into Right Away

    • Identify exactly what a healthy balance looks like for your body + your life (aka: get your goals straight)
    • Discover your Ayurvedic body type + learn the specific ways you should be eating, exercising + taking care of yourself for optimal balance for YOUR unique body
    • Learn the exact times of day you want to eat to optimize your metabolism + weight loss efforts
    • Finally introduce yourself to realistic meditation + stress management tools that you can start applying right away

    Even More Ridiculously Helpful Wellness Topics We'll Cover

    • Learn the magic of eating seasonally + locally and how it will change your life and results
    • Create more organization in your work + social life by managing your time like a pro
    • Improve sleep, energy + reduce crappy cravings that are preventing you from showing up with yo bad self all day er day (really)
    • Our sessions are lead by your needs, so our time together will always be unique + different for everyone + always awesome

    Our Time Includes

    • 60 min of time for you + me (meeting every other week/2x month)
    • Unlimited email + text support between sessions (hello, date night dinner menu accountability partner!)
    • Downloadable/printable handouts + journal inspiration to keep forever
    • My exclusive Balanced Recipes eBook
    • My 100% focused commitment to supporting your mind + body's wellness goals
    • The exact type of support + usable knowledge to create a realistic wellness action plan

    Who This is Perfect For

    You know that there is a better way, a healthier way to live your life. You may have just become aware of an underlying health condition or are ready to finally lose the extra 5-50+ lbs you've been carrying around for far too long. But you have no idea where to start. You want to focus mostly on healthy eating, shopping, cooking and learning ways to create more balance to overall increase your energy, mood and improve your sleep. A 6-month program sounds really intimidating and instead, 6 sessions sounds juuuuuuust right, right now. 

    Who This is Not Ideal For

    You know the basics but now you want to know the secrets, get clarity, and want support that is actually realistic and doable. You are in a major life transition and are ready for some serious transformation. If this sounds like you, checkout my 6 month option instead. My program is not ideal for you if you are an athlete, a strict vegan or under the care of a medical professional for something that is related to your eating and diet. If you are considered an athlete or have a serious medical condition, it's best that we get to know each other first at at Wellness Strategy Session.

    Let's do this, my little wellness warrior, where do you want to start?