Weight + Wellness Program

3 months of One-On-One Support

$900 for 6 sessions via Zoom or in-person if local to Newport Beach, CA

Nicole L Schmitz, Your Personal Wellness Enthusiast of Orange County, CA

What We Cover

  • My tried and true gradual weight loss strategy

  • Identify healthy goals for your body + your lifestyle

  • Holistically view all areas of your life that may feel out of whack + create a plan for balance

  • Discover your Ayurvedic body type, learn the specific ways you should be eating, exercising + taking care of yourself to balance for YOUR body

  • Realistic stress management tools that you can start applying right away

  • The truth about label reading + what you really need to know

  • How seasonal eating will change your life

  • Create more organization in your work + social life by managing your time like a pro

  • Improve sleep, energy + reduce sugar cravings that are holding you back at work + life

  • How to avoid toxins in your food, cosmetics + home

  • Recipes, meal ideas + cooking improvement tools

  • Our sessions are lead by your needs, so our time together will always be unique + different for everyone + always awesome

Our Time Includes

  • 60 min of time for you + me (meeting every other week/2x month)

  • Unlimited email + text support between sessions (hello, date-night-dinner-menu-accountability-partner)

  • Downloadable/printable handouts + journal inspiration to keep forever

  • My exclusive Balanced Recipes eBook

  • My 100% focused commitment to supporting your mind + body's wellness goals

  • The exact type of support + usable knowledge you need to create a realistic weight loss + wellness action plan

  • PAID IN FULL sign ups for both 3 and 6 month programs include a secret, special, super awesome wellness gift box with books + healthy lifestyle treats

  • Payment plans are also available


This is For You If

  • You've tried Weight Watchers, Zumba, Keto (everything but lipo)...and all the meal replacement shakes...but right now, you are not happy with your weight.

  • You "eat pretty healthy" and workout, but can't seem to figure out why you're still stuck in a rut.

  • You're hormones feel off, you crave sugar + caffeine, and have a few minor chronic health concerns

  • You feel like you are always coming down with something, have digestive "issues" and your sleep is subpar.

  • You need a reset, a restart, a jumpstart, a boost, you just need something.

Not Ideal If

  • You are in a major life transition (new career, new relationship, divorce, major move, etc.) or for whatever reason, you are ready to change your life.

  • If you are trying to get pregnant, pregnant right now or postpartum, a 6 month option is going to be the best option for us to work towards your goals.

  • Not sure? It's best that we get to know each other first at at an initial Wellness Strategy Session first.

If you are ready for more serious (yet, balanced) transformation, checkout my 6 month option instead.