Balanced Transformation

6 Months of One-on-One Support

$1600 for 12 sessions via Zoom or in-person if local to Newport Beach, CA


What We Dive Into Right Away

  • My tried and true gradual weight loss strategy
  • Identify healthy goals for your body + your lifestyle
  • Holistically view all areas of your life that may feel out of whack + create a plan for balance
  • Discover your Ayurvedic body type, learn the specific ways you should be eating, exercising + taking care of yourself to balance for YOUR body
  • Realistic stress management tools that you can start applying right away
  • The truth about label reading + what you really need to know
  • Create more organization in your work + social life by managing your time like a pro
  • Improve sleep, energy + reduce crappy cravings that are holding  you back at work and life

More Wellness Topics We'll Cover

    • Understand your hormones + learn to sync your cycle with work + life
    • Create relationship boundaries in all areas of your life
    • Address emotional eating + how your previous experiences with food + health are affecting you now
    • How to avoid toxins in your food, cosmetics + home
    • Intro to pure essential oils for wellness, immunity + hormones 
    • Exploring new career + creative endeavors
    • Create solutions for family-related concerns like breastfeeding, sleep issues, foods for toddlers, etc. 
    • Recipes, meal ideas + cooking suggestions
    • Natural pregnancy + childbirth support
    • Our sessions are lead by your needs, so our time together will always be unique + different for everyone + always awesome

    Our Time Includes

    • 60 min of time for you + me (meeting every other week/2x month)
    • Unlimited email + text support between sessions (hello, date-night-dinner-menu-accountability-partner)
    • Downloadable/printable handouts + journal inspiration to keep forever
    • My exclusive Balanced Recipes eBook
    • My 100% focused commitment to supporting your mind + body's wellness goals
    • The exact type of support + usable knowledge to create a realistic weight loss + wellness action plan
    • PAID IN FULL sign ups for both 3 and 6 month programs include a secret, special, super awesome wellness gift box with books + healthy lifestyle treats!
    • Monthly payment plans also available

    This is Perfect For

    • You are in a major life transition (new career, new relationship, divorce, major move, etc.)
    • You are ready to change your life.
    • You have no idea where to start, but you are done feeling sick + tired all the time.
    • You have wanted to lose weight for a long time, and at this point aren't even sure where to start.
    • If you are trying to get pregnant, pregnant right now, or postpartum, a 6 month option is going to be the best option for us to work towards your healthy living goals. 
    • You are ready for actual follow-through, serious support, and real results.

    This is Not Ideal For

    • You're simply looking for a jumpstart, a boost, or something mostly nutrition-based.
    • You've tried Weight Watchers, Zumba, Keto (everything but lipo)...and all the meal replacement shakes...but right now, you are just not happy with your weight.
    • You "eat pretty healthy" and workout, but can't seem to figure out why you're still stuck in a rut.

    If this feels like you, you can begin with my 3 month option and add on more from there if it's a fit. If you are considered an athlete or have a serious medical condition, it's best that we get to know each other first at at Wellness Strategy Session.

    Where would you like to start?