Me, My Blog + My Biz are Coming Out of Hiding

And what has she been doing? Just creating life. About one year ago we welcomed Grey Vino into this crazy world. That was right around the time I was nesting and starting to strategize my next career move and plans. Yes...yes, very funny. I know, the last few weeks before giving birth may not sound like the most practical to make these types of plans, but my feminine and creative energy was flowing and I was ready to put together something incredible. And I did.

Grey Vino is my greatest work yet. He is my favorite person, best companion and reminder in every moment of every day why I do what I do. He also didn’t let me sleep for 9 months and hasn’t let me sit down for the last four, so I’ve been a little busy. I chose to pause my blog, pull back on my social media presence and just focus on him.

Now, we are able to sleep and schedule life again and I’m so ready to introduce to you what I have been building for nearly a year and planning out for over six…

I’m dedicating my life’s work to helping women feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. I created this site so that I could bring together all of what I value in one place: family, community, friendship, education and wellness. Not only am I helping real women find real answers, but I’m doing it so that we support each other along the way.

So...would it have been cool to document my first year as a mom on my blog as well as my pregnancy? Sure. Would it have been just neato if I could have start this earlier? Of course, along with sleeping, eating, working out, meditating, reading and showering...but mamas know it all happens over time, not all at one time. And my time is now.

Explore our website, learn about the collective, my services and make sure to visit often for some pretty badass stuff. I’m going to be sharing with you some incredible practitioners and entrepreneurs, some great stories and other ideas you’ll definitely want to learn more about for you and your families. We’ll help you on the mamahood rollercoaster while you still enjoy the ride...and thank you for being a part of my journey.