Which essential oils are best?

Ten years ago, it seemed like only holistic doctors and massage therapists talked about aromatherapy. Now, thanks to a new generation of crunchy mamas and social media, essential oils are all the rage in “natural remedies.” Sometimes, it can feel like the intention behind these conversations is really about building a multi-level marketing plan rather than a source for healing, and that’s getting a little old.

I have always been intrigued by essential oils for emotional and physical healing, but I hadn’t learned much about them until they were shared by my yoga instructors in Santa Monica, CA. I took advantage of their certification program with Wisdom of the Earth Essences and am so grateful that I did. I had heard plenty about Young Living and DoTerra and was told that both were “the best” and both were “pure,” ...which was Interesting.

I discovered WOTE and realized how scary and “fear-based” it sounded to require a carrier oil or have a warning label on some of my other “pure” oils. Many of WOTE essential oils are wild-crafted or bio-dynamic which is actually better than organic. Wisdom of the Earth offers pure, powerful, single-ingredient essences, or oils. It is considered to be 2nd level raw manufacturers, and there is absolutely no comparison on purity. Instead of blends that you will see in other brands and companies, this approach is to teach people to layer individual, non-diluted essences on the skin, allowing them to work with the body’s own intelligence.

Each and every essence is hand poured into its bottle with loving intent. If prefer to trust a brand that is so well-intended and operates with the utmost integrity, you have found it. If you have ever wondered about essential oils, don’t know where to start, or would like to learn about why Wisdom of the Earth is so unique, book a consultation to discuss your health concerns and find some oils for you to get started with.