Housecleaning with Two Non-Toxic Items I Love

I don't consider myself a DIY type of gal (so making my own household cleaners out of lavendar and baking soda isn't really my thing), and I really appreciate the days I treat myself to hiring a housecleaner, but that is few and far between. As a mom of a toddler, I have little dirty feet and messy tabletops to clean almost daily. Not only am really conscious of the chemicals and cleaners we use in our home, I also like to keep germs at bay. All that to be said, I've been on the lookout for some safe, effective and easy products to use to clean our floors and countertops that don't come at a crazy cost.

For my regular maintenance of countertops, floors and even dishes, I have found

Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds

to be the best, legit safe household cleaner that isn't overpriced. It's really concentrated so (yes, yes a little goes a long way) and I feel ok using it on areas where my little guy plays and we prepare food. I even took a recycled spray bottle and added a tablespoon with water and use that for countertops.

You can find it at most Sprouts, Whole Foods or markets that sell more natural cleaning supplies as well as



Thrive Market

. Sometimes I use it when I have a sink of dishes I don't like to put in the dishwasher or I just put a squirt in the sink, plug and fill with warm water, and actually clean the sink and countertops that way.

Also pictured up at the top is my new find, 

Norwex microfiber cloths

. Yes, we've all used microfiber cloths before,

but these ones actually carry an antibacterial agent that keeps the cloth from getting gross and stinky over time. Many of you may know someone who sells Norwex, so if you do, do her a solid and listen to her spiel. The company is newer and seems to have their act together a bit better than Melaleuca and some of the more dated MLMs out there that have disappointed me in the past (and this one doesn't make you order stuff every month!) If you have never heard of the company before, check out

Jen's website here

and she can answer all of your questions.

The purple cloth shown in the photo is a window cloth, seriously, cleans all glass and mirrors with NO SPRAY cleaner - toxic or non toxic. So great! And the blue mit is great for quick dusting (you know the kind you can see lurking at you when you lay on the couch at night on your tv stand but have no interest in paying attention to?) That stuff. Gone. Even if you have guests coming over and don't have time for a deep clean, just use this for a quick swipe and you're set.

I just recently bought their mop and toilet cleaning systems and am highly impressed as well. The toilet contraption literally has the cleaner built into the bottom part and is really easy to use for weekly cleaning. Check it out! Less products that do more things (and are safe for kids and the environment) saves money over all and I love supporting small business owners and companies that are conscious of saving the planet.