My First MommyCon Orange County

I've always wanted to attend a MommyCon since I first heard about it a few years ago. There never seemed to be one in the area I was living or the timing was right. This year it was 10 min from my house and I was SO there. I attended a few workshops about Raw Dairy products and Why Toddlers Fear New Foods...and I did a bit of shopping. I networked with some moms and it felt great to be out and about, learning, wearing makeup and not chasing around my toddler for a few hours.

MommyCon is definitely kid friendly, don't get me wrong, however, I can't even go grocery shopping with my son, so attending a conference with him was not of interest to me. There are inspiring speakers, lots of shopping from unique vendors and even demos for babywearing and cloth diapers.

Serenity Kids creates a new take on pouched baby food - meat and veggies. All from grass-fed and pasture raised animals on American family farms! This is a great way to offer healthy animal protein and fats to your baby if you are going to be doing purees as your baby food.

Pura Bottles LOVE these bottles for baby, toddler, and even adults. So many of us jumping on the glass and aluminum bottle bandwagon and for good reason! Here is a great option (I had to get a few for my son!)

Choosing bottles for your family can be challenging. You want the safest products but you also want them to be easy to use, environmentally progressive and of course cost effective. I liked this idea below, especially for a gift giving option. Designed for newborns through age 6, you can select a surprise box of goodies that are developmentally appropriate and aid in learning. Winning. 

HOOT for Kids promotes purpose driven play with toys & activities to strengthen developmental skills & reach milestones.

After a bit of shopping and browsing I attended a few classes, one being "Why Toddlers Fear New Foods" with Spectrum Speech & Feeding expert, Dawn Winkelmann. She was also the creator of the ezpz mat and cookbook. Walking into the class, I felt strongly that my toddler was not fearing new foods. Being a Holistic Health Counselor, I'm extremely mindful of the foods he eats, is exposed to and the attitude we carry in our family around meal times. And yet, he has still managed to adopt very common American "toddler" behaviors and preferences that I was not anticipating.

Walking out of this class, I really wanted to speak with Dawn. I wanted to know what to do once the bad habits were created. Of course, after 2-3 minutes of time with her, I was in tears telling her I failed as a mom.

She explained that wasn't true. But encouraged me to change up a few of the habits we had created and we talked more about dentists and feeding therapy options. If you are in the LA/Orange County area, look her up! The ezpz mat is helpful for so many parents and you can order her book and gift set on her website here.

Happy Family baby food brands was sampling some new flavors and vitamins, and had coupons available. Whenever we do buy pouches for our little one, this brand is our go to. Happy Family is a mom-founded and operated premium organic food company that’s changed the way we feed our children. When Founder and CEO Shazi Visram saw her friend, a new mom, struggle to find healthy food options for her baby, she found her purpose: give babies their healthiest, happiest beginning by offering parents organic, thoughtfully-made food. She didn’t just envision a business—she saw a social imperative to address the health issues linked to childhood nutrition.

Lucky for me, I ran into my old Stroller Strides instructor from when I was living in Santa Monica and we reconnected and talked about Fit4Mom business. I'm planning to join the Newport Beach team next month as an instructor and will be adding lots more fitness info to the Balanced Mamas world. Fit4Mom offers fitness classes and support for moms during all stages and was HUGE for me and my newborn son. I got in a great workout, got to be outside, didn't need a babysitter and I met a ton of my local friends. With this, women have the opportunity to have a workout and support that is flexible around motherhood. Look up your location for the Fit4Mom group near you!

SinkBoss was a super unique vendor I was happy to meet. (I told her she should be on Shark Tank, she said she was in the running but needs to keep trying!) Sinkboss is a portable, washable space-saving solution for washing and drying kitchenware in limited spaces and away from home. Ideal for hotels and camping, you can now wash all of your baby necessities without worrying about transferring germs (or other chemicals).

Overall, loved my experience at MommyCon. Next year I will either be sponsoring my own booth or definitely attending again. Look up your local MommyCon in your area for this year or next right here.