Essential Oils that Boost Your Immunity During Flu Season

Some of you may know by now that I only use Wisdom of the Earth essential oils on my body and on my family's. Wisdom of the Earth is an incredibly authentic and small company based in Sedona, AZ. Their essences from bio-dynamic farms and are hand poured with love and intention. These are 2nd level raw food grade which means they are safe to ingest and apply directly on the skin (in which they work the fastest) and do not come pre-diluted or blended. How I look at medicine and self-healing has changed because of these oils. Here are just a few that I love for immunity benefits and would be happy to talk to you about them more if you have questions.

Geranium is my definitely a favorite. I use it almost daily. It was suggested to me for postpartum and now I apply it regularly for immunity and mood-boosting benefits. It also carries anti-stress and anti-infection properties. It also reduces scarring and is a lymphatic stimulant. Geranium eases you through transitional periods and is considered a passage essence (death and birth). I put this in my bath and on my wrists and back of the neck, almost like a perfume. I also put a  few drops in my baby's bath or on his feet to support his immune system.

Ravensara is highly antiviral and anti-infection. It is an immune stimulant and helps with ailments like strep, a detoxifier, and can improve muscle fatigue. It's a wonderful facilitator during moon cycle, birthing, labor and for lactation. Also for heart palpitations, false chest pain, and also helps with sore throats. I use on feet to prevent sickness and while working through a sickness, may apply a little on backs or chests or on clothes, a little goes a long way or on bedding.

Black Cumin is one of the ultimate in immune supporting essences. To me, she has a very interesting scent, and is slightly thicker and darker in color. It's so incredible to experience the difference in scent, color, vibration and viscosity of these plant gifts. As an anti-viral, a stimulant, immune system booster, fighting hep A, B & C and HIV, she also helps the endocrine system. This particular one actually provides the body with protein, vitamins and minerals when applied. I use when we travel to prevent or when sick or almost sick. I put behind ears and along throat (or on feet is always welcome).

Individual oils consultations are available now for $100 and are FREE when you purchase 3 or more essences at your appointment (over the phone or via Zoom). If you are curious to learn more or have any health or emotional concerns you would like guidance on regarding oils, please contact me to set up a time to talk.