A few supplements every Mama can use in the New Year

I know many of you have shared with me that you are on a "health kick" to start off the new year. Many of you may be incorporating new habits like less tv, less alcohol and adding in healthier habits. One of these new habits may be to add in supplements. So, where should you start?

(Remember: everything on my website is an opinion I want to share with you. Do not stop taking anything that has been prescribed to you by a doctor unless told to do so by your doctor.)

I have a few thoughts on this. A multivitamin is not a bad thing to incorporate into your lifestyle. It's easy, it's simple. However, a lot of times, multivitamins (particularly those found in drugstores and grocery stores) are loaded with additives and synthetics that are not so beneficial for us. These are the horse pills that give you stomach aches. I know so many people who are afraid of vitamins because they lead to stomach pain within an hour of taking them.

Consider going to your local health food store or vitamin store and finding supplements that are plant-based and made from whole foods. See how it makes you feel when taken with food after a few days. Most stores will allow you to return supplements no questions asked if you experience any discomfort.

Some of my go tos are:

Vitamin D supplement - 2,000-5,000mg, if you've had your Vitamin D levels tested and you are low, go for the 5,000mg one and take it once a day for 3-6 months, then you can move to 2,000 per day. As an immune system regulator, vitamin D is absolutely vital to vibrant health. It is the only vitamin your body makes itself (and it's actually a hormone!).

B complex - the "sublingual" kind are better absorbed, place under your tongue or chew according to directions on the bottle. This is great for stress and fatigue.

Probiotics - these are a must! Be sure the grab the kind in the refrigerated section of the store and start with a "normal" amount rather than the strongest available unless directed to do so by your healthcare provider. Be sure to note whether the bottle says to take with or without food.

Fish Oil - I highly recommend Nordic Naturals or Wholemega brands for quality and purity. Omegas are essential for so many parts of your health, from skin health to heart health to brain function, immunity, and mood!

Pregnant Mamas! - I love the whole food based GENTLE ON YOUR TUMMY Prenatal Vitamins made my My Kind Organics (available on Amazon or health food stores/vitamin stores). I took 1 per meal (3x a day) and had no stomach upset!

For the whole family - Balanced Mamas is a brand ambassador for Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins, and for good reason! We love that they have no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives and are gentle on your stomach. Now available at most stores and online, you can trust these ingredients and how well they support your body and mind! 

Knowledge is power! Talk to the team members at your local health food store or Whole Foods Market and ask them about their best sellers and why. And always, listen to your body. Note any changes, good or bad after a week of adding anything to your diet.