Quick Feng Shui Tips for Families to get Organized after the Holidays

New year, new beginnings. I like to do some early spring cleaning post-Christmas, when we receive new gifts, take down decorations and need to send away "that which no longer serves us."

Cleaning out closets, kids' rooms and storage areas can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. Break down your goals of ridding yourself of what you no longer want or need into small, reasonable tasks. Keep, donate, toss. Start with the junk drawer, the hall closet, the bedroom closet, or even under the bathroom sink. (And I will add that making a list of each little task and drawing a big Sharpie marker line through it is just as rewarding as completing the task itself!)

If you haven't used or worn something in 1-2 years, why do you still have it? Do you need it? Does someone else need it? Rearranging furniture or painting an accent wall in a room can do wonders in shifting your perspective and making space for something new. Start thinking about what little "refreshers" you can do around your home or office and see how different it feels when you walk into the room.

Clearing out the clutter might be the first step in cleansing out some negative energy or thoughts going on in your life. If it doesn't matter, get rid of it.

I did a little research and came up with some quick "feng shui" tips to help you get started if your home is in need of a refresh.

  1. Remove things that are stored under beds, if possible. Keep this space OPEN! Particularly steer clear of storing boxes of photos of exes here. Ew.

  2. Keep the area behind doors clear (remove towel racks, shoe organizers, sweaters). Doors should swing openly and have nothing behind them.

  3. Organize entryways by replacing shoes with a welcome mat and a clean plant. The entryway to your home should be open, spacious and welcoming (especially for you!)

  4. Clean out all closets and cabinets each year. Properly dispose of old food, spices, condiments, medicine, and cosmetics you haven't used in 1-2 years.

  5. Place healthy plants in kitchens and bathrooms to freshen the air. Money trees and bamboo may increase positive, productive energy in your work and financial life!