Five Survival Tips for When your Kids Get Sick

I am by no means an expert on healing children from sickness, but I definitely have a lot of practice. This school year has brought on a lot of illness in my family. We have three kids 5 years and younger and they play together like crazy. So when my oldest comes home from school with an illness, the younger siblings often come down with the same. Here are a few things I've learned that help with quick healing when, despite our best efforts to stay healthy, someone still catches something...

First, we have a few "house rules" to try and keep the bad germs away. In our house we do not wear shoes past our doormat, far too many children crawl around on the floor to allow all those shoe germs around. Also, when my husband who works outside the home, and my kindergartener get home from being gone for the day they come in, wash their hands and change their clothes before anything else. This prevents those germs from being around. We are also firm believers in hand washing before eating.

So, your kids get sick, what next? How will you get them better? First, as soon as one of my kids shows sign of illness I begin making a running list of what is happening. Dehydration is a big concern with most illnesses, so each time they urinate I mark it, each time they get their temp taken I document, and any oils or meds I give I also document the time it was given.

Second, I wash my hands after touching any of the children. I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer that I can put on the counter as soon as illness arises. I begin placing therapeutic grade oils in the proper way on my children and diffusing a blend that will aid in the healing process. And once said the child is somewhat settled I begin disinfecting the house. I focus on the high trafficked areas first. Then I move to places where they were the day prior. I put extra cleaning supplies in the bathroom I assume they will use.

At some point, I find that it is really nice to have the sick child near you during the night.  However, my husband and I hate changing soiled sheets in the middle of the night. So, a few years back we purchased a nice air mattress. When one of our kids is sick we blow it up and place it on the floor near our bed, cover it with towels and create a bed for the little sickling. After use, I disinfect the mattress very well.

I am extremely easygoing and chill and I find that I have a hard time accepting help with sick kiddos, but that when someone offers to help I should accept. And when I do accept the help I find myself less stressed.

Finally, take care of yourself in this process. Eat when you can, take supplements and probiotics, sleep in the pockets of time when no one needs you, rely on electronics to get all the kids through (this is not your norm!), and shower when you can. If mom isn't healthy how can you care for your children?

Live well and stay healthy! 

Lauren Brown is a mother of three, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Tinkergarden Insterstructor + Beautycounter Consultant. You can join her facebook group for healthy, busy mamas, here.