If you're going to eat something, you might as well enjoy it

Yes, enjoy your meals. Enjoy the food you went out of your way to buy at the store or farmer's market, the meal you cooked with love and prepared for you and your family, the organic produce you paid an extra $.55 for. Enjoy the glass of wine you decided to "let yourself" have with dinner or the piece of chocolate you're choosing to have as a snack. Enjoy it. Everything we do is a choice, and it's important that you are enjoying what you choosing to nourish your body.

Take a moment to stop, see, smell and taste what is in front of you. Don't force yourself to eat something you dislike that you've been told was a "health" food. Maybe there are some healthy foods that you just can't stand…Bran flakes? Sardines? Beets? Mushrooms? Totally ok! Yes, there are health benefits to all natural foods, but that doesn't mean we have to eat every healthy food that exists.

Our bodies are unique and those food aversions and taste preferences are there for a reason. Some of us just don't like certain foods and that is just fine. (And, no, you're not getting away with "hating" all "healthy" foods, either). Even for me, a bona fide health coach, I can't stand beets…or hard-boiled eggs. And I'm not going to gag them down because they are good for me.

Forcing yourself to eat "diet" foods or foods you dislike will only leave you craving more calorie-heavy foods or ones you are depriving yourself of (for good reason). So meet yourself halfway: eat less of the foods you dislike and less of the food you love but you know make you feel crappy after you eat them. Eat more of what nourishes you: foods that are tasty, filling and full of healthy proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

The spectrum of what's in the middle is way bigger if you focus on what is healthy and that hey, aren't so bad.

This is the same reason there's no need to eat a turkey on wheat sandwich every single day for lunch if you really don't like it, but someone told you it's good for you. This was one of the biggest changes I experienced when I became a health coach. Once I started enjoying all of my meals, my relationship with food was more respectful and stable. At your next meal, think about what you like or dislike about what you are eating. Is there a healthier version you can make? Does it make you feel healthy and nourished?