How to know if you're emotionally eating + what you can do about it

I know you've heard this before, and it's one of those things that women in particular struggle with when it comes to snacks and meal times…Are you hungry? Are you listening to your body? Are stressed? Are you sad? Sometimes we eat to avoid other activities (like work or returning a call we're not excited about. Sometimes feeling tired, hormonal shifts and all-nighters with our littles can lead us to grab excess caffeine and sweets. Take a moment and just. Stop. Our bodies actually process foods differently when we're stressed or anxious, and it's not the best time to overeat or eat crappy food. (I mean, when is there?)

Sometimes we think we want to eat something to make us "feel good" and yet we end up feeling even worse, physically and emotionally. Once you identify that you maybe occasionally eat out of emotions or distractions, see if you can find something better to do in that moment. Turn on your favorite song or playlist, call a friend and talk it out, go for a run or a walk, or take some quiet time to meditate. This is not the same as skipping meals. This is about tuning in to those unwanted snacking and bingeing behaviors that throw you off course. Make sure it's truly hunger signaling your taste buds and not your emotions, boredom or a need for distraction.

Secondly, remember that, even though I want you to enjoy the meals you eat, we ultimately eat food for survival. Food is fuel, food creates our bodies and can actually hurt you or heal you. I've seen clients, friends and family struggle with how much they "love" a certain food that really makes them feel like crap or is way over caloried (like, overpriced, it's "overcaloried.") Taco Bell? Slushies? Fried food? Donuts? Starbucks Frapalappadingdongs? Are you really craving that or you are craving something that you think will make you feel good? There's a place for balance and there's a place for refusing to put toxic shit in your body. Remember what those foods are made out of and if they hold no space for nourishing, feel good energy, then skip it. If it's not a real food, forget it.