What's Really Holding You Back From What You Really Want?

Did you ever know someone who was unhappy with a part of their life, that most likely, they had the power to change or improve, but they seemed to do nothing about it? Year in and year out, the same frustrations and complaints about their weight, their energy, maybe how much they hate their job or are challenged constantly by their relationships?

Have you ever had a conversation with that person about it? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like this was you?

I have. (I hate admitting it), but I’ve decided that being authentic and real with you here is going to be the best way for you to understand how I’ve learned all that I have when it comes to weight and wellness.  And, sometimes, I just get in my own way.

Call it fear of success (or fear of failure, depending on how you look at it), call it fear of the unknown, who knows.

I know there are certain things that I could do everyday that would improve my life and/or my health. I know that if I remove coffee from my diet, I'd have better digestion, less headaches, maybe have less irritability. If I made sure to prioritize meditation every single day, I would lower my anxious thoughts and have better focus and patience with my son.

This falls into the same category of making sure to fit in daily exercise, eating more vegetables than anything else, skipping fried foods and processed crap, and getting to bed before 10pm. If you know it’s better for you, why don’t you do it?

This, my friends, is a phenomenon called self-sabotage, and it’s an epidemic. It stems from a combination of lacking self-trust, believing things that simply aren't true, fearing the unknown, and leaving behind others or who you used to be as you cross over into a new space of actually following through.

But what would happen if you actually did what was best for yourself and your body?

What if you did quit coffee? What if you nearly eliminated all processed foods, ice cream, fried foods, and soda? What if you added in a few consistent habits and mindfulness techniques to improve your outlook and daily routine? What if you finally lost the 5, 25, or 100 lbs you’ve been carrying for however many years and stuck to it?

You would change. And change is not always comfortable. Change can mean you look different, you feel different, and maybe you’re seen by others in a different way.

Me and self-sabotage go way back, and we’re starting to level with each other. Without going much further into it right now, I’ll tell you that once you officially determine that the results on the other side of this change is worth it, you’ll make it happen. Once you decide that fitting into your clothes better (or newer, smaller clothes), having the strength and balance to climb onto the floor and up again to play with your nieces and nephews or take the stairs (up to your bedroom) without feeling winded and tired is worth it…

Then it’s time for a change.

Then you have to make a plan. You have to choose a path, follow through with it, stay on the path, and confirm it’s actually the right one while you’re at it.

And this is not the easy part. There are plenty of reasons why so many Americans are fatter and sicker than ever before. It takes a lot of knowledge, accountability, and trial and error to figure out the best path for you. And also, it doesn’t have to be free of enjoyment or even free of self-sabotage (we just have to get through it together!).

This is why I work with people on these specific types of goals and exactly why I have adjusted my offerings so that you have a variety of ways you can start implementing this change right now. Check them out here. 

What areas do you think you hold yourself back from improving? Remember, you are worth it.

You are capable.

You can create the life and lifestyle you want.

And if you want a little help? Let me know.

I have always found that if I don't know how to do something well (or at all), that I will always seek someone who does. And it makes everything work better.