The One Thing You Can Do Improve Your Weight, Digestion + Sleep

Many people aspire to eat better, eat less, get the gym more often, etc. A lot of my clients come to me because they are confused as to why they can’t lose weight after eating 6 meals a day, committing to intense workouts or trying weight loss supplements or shakes (or they just have no idea where to start).

We are now realizing a lot of this is unnecessary or in fact, totally false information.

I’ve found that focusing on 3-4 relaxed meals eaten mindfully and in a calm setting is extremely beneficial for improving overall health and improving weight loss efforts. And even more so, is focusing on our lunch as the biggest meal of the day and having a lighter evening meal. This is really important.

Never skip a lunch. 

In addition to eating three meals a day and having fewer snacks (which actually can mess up your blood sugar more than you think), we are going to put an emphasis on lunch. These days, our lunches have sort of become something we tend to "grab and go," working right through it, or eating something "light" until dinner.

Well, today, I'm going to just go right ahead and rock your little-light-lunch-eating-world and tell you to just stop it! Lunch is really important and when we emphasize lunch, making it a bigger, more relaxed and complete meal, we actually are feeding our bodies at the time of day when metabolism is the highest.

You'll notice, after a week or two, that you are less hungry and should be able to make it all the way until dinner without snacks, and therefore, can have a lighter dinner. Eating heavy, large meals later in the day or close to bedtime is really hard on digestion resulting in interrupted sleep and possible weight gain. Lighter, easier to digest meals that are not eaten right before bedtime will help you to feel lighter, improve your sleep and assist with weight loss for the long term. 

Think of it like flip-flopping your lunch and dinner. It will take practice, so we will continue this next week. But just start working on it. Lighter dinners (such as soup or salad), bigger, more relaxed lunches. Experiment with this for a 2-4 weeks and see how you feel. You may be pleasantly surprised at your increase in energy and decreased waistline.