Prepping for Your New Year's Resolution Mindset

Happy End of December, Friends!

I love this time of year, that break between the chaos of Christmas and the fresh start of the new year and getting back to your routine. I know not everyone is into resolutions, but I am.

I have been for a while. I love setting goals and intentions, reflecting on the past year and all I have created. What did I learn? What did I overcome? What am I going to achieve next? 

Especially when I take a few days off of work or school, I love these days of quiet when it seems like the real world just isn't back in full force yet. (So, if you like to journal or have been wanting to start, I encourage you to take some time this week to do so.)

Along with adding new clients, revamping my business systems, website (again), branding (again), keeping a 3-year-old alive, and creating some pretty amazing business relationships, I have found something really cool to add to my offerings...

First of all, I've simplified my health counseling offerings. So if you want some support, some ideas, and accountability for reaching your health and weight loss goals with someone who is realistic and relatable - 

I'm your girl. 

Book your $33 initial consultation with me here, like now. 

And also, know that when it comes to considering your vitamins, supplements, and powders, I want you to rethink what you've been using and consider upleveling what you are putting into your precious body. 

I did, and I have learned so much. I found a company that I could partner with that was not only totally clean, pure, and plant-based, but that was affordable. I researched this company and hemmed and hawed and was skeptical and whiney and unsure for months. Literally. Until it kept me up at night.

And then I tried them. And then they worked. Like quitting coffee, not craving sugar, sleeping great, and pooping great, well...And then I was like, oh boy, I have to tell everyone...

And I went LIVE on FB to talk about it, so if you want to watch the video, check it out here.

So here I am, telling you, you need to hear about these amazing plant-based products that support the health and balance of your mind and your body. Contact me with questions and we will get you started.

You can take this FREE health assessment right here so we can see which products are best for your body, right now. It may show you 10 products that would help you, but don't worry, you don't need all 10! I'll help you figure out where to start. 

I'm happy to help! As always, please feel free to forward to friends, and know that I have so much more helpful info coming into the new year. My newsletter is going to shift into a quick top tip list you can use more often that is both realistic and relatable. 

Enjoy the last few days of December! Next week, we get serious!