Healthy Summer Entertaining Ideas That Are Quick + Delicious

A lot of healthy people claim that they eat well or workout most of the time but then they blow it while on vacation or on the weekends. Trust me, it is possible to make life-long eating habits that support a healthy weight and energy levels without feeling like you're totally missing out on fun and tasty meals with family and friends. Even during the summer.

First, realize that food is fuel. Food literally helps to make up our bodies, allows us to fight off disease, gives us energy, etc. So choose it wisely. Focusing on why you are eating certain foods is the first step towards a healthy mindset when it comes to eating (and not emotionally eating). So keep this in mind when you start to stress or waiver about what you "should" or "shouldn't" be eating. Think about whether you really want something in your body compared to what you just read on Pinterest last week or on what that list of Keto foods "allows" you to eat. (We can work more on this in one of  my private programs if you have questions).

Let's say it's a beautiful weekend, you are having friends over for a BBQ or need to bring a snazzy dish to your neighbor's birthday party. Here are a few of my go-to healthy summer party meals below. You don't have to eat junk because it's a party. Summer is the time to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables you can to keep your body cool and hydrated. Make your meals revolve around them.

We always grill fresh, organic meat or fish along with a large array of healthy veggies (mushrooms, asparagus, squash, peppers, onions) and start with appetizers like side salads, guacamole or humus and veggies. Grilled fruit is a total crowd pleaser for a sweet side or dessert. 

Speaking of, you can actually skip the desserts if you are treating yourself to a drinky or two and let yourself enjoy the bun on your grass-fed burger. It's really ok. Keep it balanced, not extreme.

When it comes to alcohol, try to keep it under 3 drinks on a special occasion. Choose organic wines, light beers or clear spirits when possible and avoid all the sugary mixers and excess fruit juice when you can (most store bought, pre-made mixers are loaded with chemicals, fake colors and HFCS). While working towards a weight loss plan and to maintain a healthy weight (along with a happy liver, healthy brain and everything else) it's a good idea to limit yourself to 2 drinks per day, no more than 3 days a week. 

Make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of fresh, clean water (and you can add mint leaves, cucumbers or citrus to your water pitcher with ice for a refreshing treat for guests as well) in between drinks and when it's hot out.

Then, stop eating when you're full. You don't have to have a plate in your hand the entire time you are socializing. Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. A social get together does not have to be a binge fest. Focus on the people you're there to see and take care of your body. It is still just a lunch and just a dinner. Not an all day buffet. 

End your night with a cup of ginger tea (if it's a little warm out for your liking, first steep your tea in hot water and then ice it to cool it down) to settle your digestion before bed. This is a great habit to implement for any time you are celebrating with food and drink that is a little bit more indulgent that what you typically eat (or nightly).

Remember, the goal here is to live a healthy lifestyle that you can incorporate everywhere, all the time. Choose the best options for you and enjoy your time. Take the emotion out of the eating and listen to your body.

Nicole SchmitzComment