Health Coaches Aren't Perfect Either

So a few weeks ago, I had some technical email glitches occur. And by technical glitches, I mean serious user error-errors by yours truly. You may have received 1-2 emails about sending a message or subscribing to my newsletter, that seemed rather unprompted. 

Well, after I also received a few emails from major-sized companies who had similar oopsy-emails go out around the same time, I chalked it up to the weird universal energy that's been spinning amongst us this past month or so. I thought "You know what, I screwed that up a little, and it's ok."

If you know what I'm talking about or have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this article here from Forever Conscious, it's fascinating. 

I decided, instead of freaking out about a few unsubscribe clicks, anyone who would be that annoyed about getting an email like that probably isn't interested in what we have going on over here in my world of wellness inspiration. Also, for those of you who read my email, I mean, THAT'S AWESOME! Thanks for reading, and thanks for being here. 

We are not perfect. Parents are not perfect. Health coaches and nutritionists are not perfect either. I drink wine, I sometimes eat pizza (yes, with like real, gluten-laden crust), my three-year-old is the exact picky-on-the-go-eater I never thought I'd have, and I have created every angle of my online business, by myself, the long way, the hard way, and it's very far from perfect.

My journey of being a business owner who actually has a business is finally starting to come together, and I know I will be continuing down this road for most of my life. I anticipate that my journey will evolve, I'll write, I'll study, I'll strive to inspire others to educate themselves, trust their intuitions and love their bodies enough to take care of them the best that they can. I may mess up a few emails and forget to post on social media here and there. 

And if I can support the clients I have in front of me with whole-hearted healing intentions, SOMEHOW create a balance within my home as a stay-at-home-work-from-home mom, and find gratitude in my life and my work most days, that is EVERYTHING to me. Not the sales funnels or the perfect email subject line (which I really hope I nail one of these days.) 

So hey, trust yourself. Love yourself enough to make healthy choices. I want you to know, I appreciate you following my imperfect journey. Maybe working with someone who strives for inspiring wellness, balance, love, and support over perfection is exactly what you (or your best friend) is looking for. 

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