How to Create Accountability with Your Diet

Sometimes we think we are being really “good” or eating the way we want to be, but what we’re really doing is thinking about it often, feeling guilty, thinking about what we should be doing, and then arguing with ourselves for not following through.

Sound familiar?

It's really important that you start being accountable to yourself, to your BFF, or to me! Whoever you choose to support you on your journey towards a healthier life, stick with it, and let them know when you kill it, and when your choices aren't the best.

Create a food log and exercise log and actually do it for one whole month. You can use a journal, a calendar, or whatever feels right for you. But don't just do it for a day or two. Really keep track.

Every one of my clients has told me that they "eat pretty well" or "work out a few times a week," and when they actually write it down, week after week, they realize that they are thinking a lot more about their intentions than actually making it happen. 

I like to use my notes app on my iPhone for food/diet tracking (I don't recommend something that tracks calories and carbs, instead, note the time of day you ate, what you ate, and how you felt afterward.)

Having a food diary can help bring awareness to your eating and daily lifestyle habits. If you experience certain signs and symptoms from foods, a food diary can be a useful way to track possible food allergens or sensitivities. Note how you feel both physically and emotionally before, during, and after meals and beverages. (You can even track bathroom habits! YAY!)

Listen to your body, what is it telling you?