Supplement Suggestions for Everyday Stress + Immune Support

This is the time of year when everyone is either coming down with something, recovering from a recent bug or is actively trying to prevent it. I always put all my effort into preventing the spread of germs and strengthening my immune system when I have the chance.

These are some of my go to suggestions for the majority of clients who don’t know where to start when it comes to taking vitamins and “cleaning” up their diets and digestion. Do not stop taking any medications prescribed by your medical doctor and always listen to your body. 

  1. A Whole Food Based, Organic Multi-Vitamin Suggested brands are MyKind Organics Daily vitamins (including for prenatals!) or SmartyPants gummy vitamins.

  2. Probiotics such as PB8 (cheaper) or RenewLife (go with a moderate dosage, you don’t need the strongest one possible). If you are a woman who struggles with common yeast infections, choose the women’s version. You can play around with this and see which you feel better taking.

  3. Pure fish oil such as Nordic Naturals or Wholemega. For pregnancy you can take 3 per day. I recommend Wholemega, one with breakfast and one with dinner to support joints, heart health, mood boosting effects and immunity. 

  4. Vitamin D - Most Americans are deficient in this vitamin, yet more and more studies are revealing its vital importance. Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, depression, prostate cancer and breast cancer, and even effects diabetes and obesity. Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition. That’s probably because it’s free; your body makes it when sunlight touches your skin. Truth is, most people don’t know the real story on vitamin D and health. Brands are not as essential with this one. 

  5. Vitamin B12 - get a sublingual version like Jarrow. 

  6. Ashwagandha (Ayurvedic Herb) is one of the best adaptogens in the world. It gives you the energy to run a marathon in the morning and put you to sleep at night; which is the indicator of a good adaptogen. It rebuilds energy reserves, rejuvenates the body and helps the body cope with stress naturally. It also severs the relationship between stress and its impact on the digestive system. Ashwagandha is a great herb to help you fight stress so that stress can roll off you like water off a duck’s back. I like Organic India brand, but you can ask me about others. 

  7. Triphala (Ayurvedic Herb) has 3 Ayurvedic fruits; one called Amalaki, which supports the health of the intestinal mucosa. Another fruit called Bibhitaki, which pulls the mucus off your intestinal wall which can compromise assimilation and digestion. Lastly, one fruit called Haritaki, which tonifies the bowel and rejuvenates your intestinal track. Together, these help you avoid the impact of stress on your digestion system and sidestep the negative cycle of producing reactive mucus which bogs down the assimilation of the food and the elimination of waste. 

  8. Shatavari (Ayurvedic Herb) has long been used to support women at the end of menses by encouraging circulation, as well as healthy nervous system and hormonal function. Shatavari is perhaps the most important herb for women in the Ayurvedic herbal apothecary.

Remember to do your research, connect with a health coach, medical professional or practitioner for advice on supplements and contraindications. Listen to your body. Taking vitamins and supplements is not the same as taking medications, even if you feel like you’re taking a lot of “pills.” This is something I work with clients on to tweak and improve many areas of their health and restore balance. Schedule and initial consultation with me to learn more.