Not everyone is going to get "you..." (and that's ok)

Today I have a few messages for you. One, is that, it's ok to feel like not every person in your life "gets you." Even if they are closer to you. Even if they've known you forever.

Not everyone is going to understand why you have a blog. Not everyone is going to understand why you only eat organic food. Not everyone is going to like that you don't watch TV or don't drink alcohol.

Not everyone is going to like that you say no to their invitations to hangout with certain groups. Not everyone is going to support you quitting your job or even who you decide to live with or marry.

It's ok not to please everyone around you and it's ok to disagree with someone you love.

What does matter? That you believe in you and your choices.

Are you feeling guilty because you know in your heart that a choice you are making is for the wrong reasons or isn't the best scenario for you deep down? Or is it because you think your family will judge you? 

Are you struggling to make a decision about something coming up because what's best for your family goes against the grain or because you don't want to disappoint someone else?

It's hard when people we love don't understand our choices or disagree with what we do. It's hard to hear criticism and it's hard to overhear when someone doesn't like you or someone you love.

Sometimes, hard is good. Sometimes, hard teaches us something. Sometimes, hard makes us grow. And sometimes, steering your own course is a better use of energy than explaining yourself. 

Additionally, I have a special blog post for those of you reading this feeling a little extra misunderstood and a little extra run down this month. There's something about the lack of sunshine this time of year that has a major impact on our moods, our kids, and our health that leaves us feeling like we need a little something "extra" to get us through.

When I feel like I need some extra support in a certain area, I typically tune in to where I need more down time, me time, nutritional support or herbal supplements. 

I have been a supplement junkie for years…but I always choose the best of the best. I feel strongly that yes, it’s possible to find healthy foods in our country, with some research, work, and preparation. But I also feel that our soil is depleted, our water is less than perfect, and our food is not as nutrient-rich as it should be.

What I am sharing here has been found to be ideal for almost every stressed body I know, especially moms. 

Click here to read my recent blog on herbal supplements that are ideal for those of us who are stressed, tired, sick, and sick and tired of all of the above.

And get some support. Or take a break. Or choose what is best for you (and that includes what you do with your time and what you put into your body, not just your next career move or whether or not you allow your kids to watch certain TV shows...)