What to Do Differently for Your 2019 Goals

Here we are, middle of January...nice to see you again.

So what's the plan? Are you still on a veggie-loving health kick? (Actually, I am, and I'm not doing so bad) What are your intentions for this year? Do you have any? Or have you already stopped whatever you planned to do 10 days ago?

I've definitely wanted to stop. I thought today, 10 days was enough, I get the picture, and I am ready for wine and chocolate and cheeseburgers again. 

Actually, while I sit here and write this. I'm thinking of you, reading this, and I'm kind of wondering what you're thinking. I'm thinking about how I want to have a glass of wine but I've already shared via social media (I did this on purpose) that I would stick to my clean eating plan and my limited 6 glasses of wine for the entire month. 

Because I could have a glass of wine. And the world would keep spinning. And this is what would probably happen:

I'd probably be a little happier for a few hours.
I'd probably have a 2nd glass.
I'd probably sleep worse tonight.
I'd probably feel a little off, foggy, and tired in the morning. 
I wouldn't have even really ruined my January "commitment" because I'd still be within my "allotted" amount.
I also wouldn't even have to tell anyone.
I could tell you, and you could judge me.
You could say, "I knew she'd do it, she sucks at quitting wine." (True statement.) 
You might say, "Cheers, girl, screw diets!"
Or you might think, "Don't do it, Nicole! You can do it, stay strong! Ignore the wine."
You might unsubscribe from this. 
You might forward this to a friend. 
You might read this and think, "I can trust her, I want to be her friend."
You may even think, "Ok, I think I want to work with her on my health and wellness goals."

But hey, guess what! We all have these thoughts, like about whether or not we should be eating or doing something that maybe is or maybe is not so good for us. 

You can eat that piece of chocolate, that piece of fried food, that extra late night snack, that extra glass of wine, or whatever it is. You can. You can choose to watch TV or read a book. You can choose to go to happy hour or to the gym. You can choose to buy organic or you can choose to go to the drive thru. 

But real change happens when you commit. It happens when you repeatedly commit and follow through and do what you say you'll do. If you want something, big or small, you can make it happen. It takes all sorts of mind tricks and cognitive therapy and affirmations and belief and self-love and sometimes some outside support and accountability to make these shifts happen. If you want to do learn more of that, set up some time with me to talk. 

And, yes, you can. Everything is a choice. And I'm pushing through, and not choosing a glass (right now).

Whatever your goals are, break down those baby steps and focus on THOSE steps to get you to your goal. Focus on what you are creating and how you will feel when you get closer to the goal and why you're doing it. That is way more important than focusing on what you "can't have." That's just silly.