What AM I Actually Eating This Month?

So when you cut out all stimulants like sugar and alcohol (let’s be clear, I’m definitely allowing my 6 glasses to be spread out throughout the month, and I’m eating all fruit, dried pitted dates, organic honey and maple syrup), and dairy and gluten…some of you may be saying, what’s left? I’ll break it down for you as to what I’m actually eating. To learn WHY I’m doing this, you can checkout my previous post.

Every morning, I’ve been having a smoothie using our Vitamix that has my Thrive activated greens powder (ask me about this, it’s life-changing, tasty, and so, so good for you!), a fiber blend called GoodFibrations (I recommend my clients to use our plant-based Complete protein powder too), chia seeds, a small handful of fresh greens, a banana, a few berries, warm water (because I’m a freak and trying to eat as many warming foods as I can right now as to warm up my very cold “vata” dosha), a little organic cocao powder, and I blend it up like crazy! It’s super filling and very easy to digest. I add in a few other plant-based herbs too.

For lunch, I’ve been having either a pureed vegetable soup I make with added rice or an organic boxed one for a little convenience and variety. I alternate the soups for lunch or dinner and otherwise have a rice or quinoa bowl with roasted veggies, salmon, chicken and avocado, maybe a little beans if I’m feeling it (usually, I’m not.) Also on desk, chicken veggie soup, chicken tortilla soup, turkey chili.

One night, I made lentil pasta (available at Whole Foods and the like) and mixed it with zucchini noodles I made in my $5 spiralizer and tossed with olive oil and homemade pesto. The pesto did have a little parmesan cheese in it, and I had less than a tablespoon of the sauce, so…I guess I’m not perfect. I plan to actually attempt a few of the recipes in my spiralizer cookbook this month with sweet potatoes or carrots as well. I also bought a spaghetti squash to have over the weekend.

Things I’m eating: all fruits and veggies, including potatoes and corn, (but I eat very minimal corn), sauces like pesto, marinara, salsa, any form of rice, quinoa, oatmeal, organic chicken and some fish, healthy oils/fats, and grass-fed butter and ghee. I am using broth, spices, seasonings, fresh herbs, a tiny bit of honey and/or maple syrup if needed.

What I’m specifically avoiding: any beef or bacon (I don’t eat pork otherwise), nibbling on cheese…because it’s crack for me, my daily glass(es) of wine, bread, regular or wheat pasta, yogurt, coffee (which I already had weaned off of after converting to these new herbal supplements which include a yummy cinnamon blend I drink as a tea with a natural energy boost), and any sweets, dark chocolate, cookies or lattes/coffee treats. No taco tortillas or sandwiches…and I’m going to do my BEST to avoid tortilla chips…which are also crack for me.

Stay tuned for more updates this week!