Feeling stuck? Here's 5 ways you can energize your day starting now...

We’re easing into the winter months and holiday season, and for some people, that can bring a veil of stress or sadness. Feelings may be complicated, but your energy and productivity don’t have to sink because of it. It starts with prioritizing your health and wellness throughout the day, fitting it in around everything else you have going on.

Yes, it’s possible.

Yes, you have time.

Yes, you can.

There are obvious ways to stay healthy (especially during a season that is often sprinkled with sickness) like washing your hands often and eating your fruits and vegetables. But then there are a few other things you can do throughout the day that are a little less direct but have a big impact on how you feel. More indirect? How do I say that?

Here are 5 ways to energize your day so you are more focused:

  1. Start your day off right. This means, not by rolling over and checking your phone. Please, fortheluvofpete. Pause and think about your day, maybe even think about a few things you are grateful for.

    You are healthy, happy, you have a job/career, family, air, water, food. Ahhh…

    Then, head to the bathroom. Do your thing, wash up, brush your teeth, and stretch it out a little. Bonus for starting your day off with some yoga.

  2. Eat to fuel your body and your day. This is a big one. Consider, for a moment, the ingredients in what you normally start your day off with. Is it mostly sugar? Bread? Caffeine? CEREAL? Even fruit and yogurt are actually a form of sugar that your body quickly burns through.

    Instead, experiment with eating a more savory breakfast. Even if that means your dinner leftovers. Potatoes, vegetables, avocado, sausage, eggs. Switch it up and see how you feel. You should have enough energy to get you through to lunch without snacking.

  3. Fit in some form of physical activity. Even if that means hitting the stairs on your breaks, it is possible to spread it out around everything you have on your schedule. Stretch every hour, drink water in between meals, stand at your desk when possible, and walk around the workplace as much as you can.

    Hit those 10K steps each day to ensure you’re moving your body enough to keep your circulation pumping and breath moving. You can walk 15 minutes before work, on your lunch break, and before or after dinner. You can!!

  4. Focus on your meals and snack less. Yes, I’m here to break the news that you’re likely snacking throughout the day (especially at work because A. It’s just THERE, B. You’re bored, C. You’re stressed. and D. if you’re snacking because snacks are healthy and keeping your metabolism pumping you have been LIED TO. Stop snacking. Eat a meal, in a calm, focused way until you are full and satisfied. Relax. And then move on with your day. Snack less, move more and drink water in between meals.

  5. Stay present where presence is needed. If you’re at work or working at home, do just that. Avoid (and yes, I’m super guilty of this all the time) doing dishes and laundry and paying bills when you intend to be working. Avoid checking your phone when you’re with friends and family. Be present where you’re present. You will feel SO MUCH better when you do this. But you have to practice it. And in general, be on your phone less after work. Just be with your fam, read, watch something, but avoid doing it all at once.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, eating the same things we’ve always eaten, taking the same routes, doing the same activities all day. But have you stopped to think which are actually making your day and life and body BETTER? Tune in and think about what’s working and what’s not.

Simple, mindful, and consistent changes can make a world of difference and really impact how you feel. Start with the food, the movement, and how you are spending the time that you have each day. If needed, make a switch!