Ideal Herbal Supplements for Today's Mama

I have been a supplement junkie for years…but I always choose the best of the best. I feel strongly that yes, it’s possible to find healthy foods in our country, with some research, work, and preparation. But I also feel that our soil is depleted, our water is less than perfect, and our food is not as nutrient-rich as it should be.

If you take these factors into account along with a lifestyle that involves all kinds of stress, too much sitting, too much driving, too much screen time and fluorescent lighting, we’re all in trouble. So yes, I am a supplement fan. I research the companies I use and recommend, and recently have switched to only plant-based or vegan options for my clients and for my family.

About 6 months ago, I came across a company no one seems to have heard of, a little plant-based herbal company with SUPER clean herbal blends that support an endless number of health concerns, everything from inflammation to digestion support to hormonal balancing and increasing energy. I found personally, that for some health concerns, it takes a bit of trial and error to find the right “blend” of herbs to feel your best. But the set below has been found to be ideal for almost every woman I know, especially moms.

First of all, if you have questions, call or text me, and don’t freak out. I have answers.

Second of all, if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • lack of energy

  • afternoon slump

  • all day slump

  • low libido

  • not feeling like “you”

  • zero libido

  • poor immune system (sick all the time)

  • exposed to germs a lot (aka, momming)

  • low mood, slightly depressed or a little more than slightly depressed

  • feeling moody or like your hormones are a little off

Then you need this…

This is not a replacement for medical advice. This is a safe, plant-based, natural solution that may be the perfect addition to your moderately healthy lifestyle…

OR…the perfection addition to your completely chaotic lifestyle that seems to have no room to focus on you or your personal health.

This is not a replacement for working out or choosing healthy foods, but it does work and you will feel better. If you don’t know where to start with your diet or workouts, contact me and let’s set up some sessions.

However you look at it, these herbal supplements are a solution, and they work. A few of the products in this set are capsules you can take with breakfast and a few are quick and easy individually packaged powders you can mix in warm water as a tea or cold as an iced drink.


Actual quotes from clients:


You can customize any order with any products and there’s nothing required for a future purchase. However, with every order, you’ll get 10% back in credit for your next order. When you order over $150, you’ll get 15% back (20% back for $200) and an additional 5% if you decide you want to add an monthly autoship (that can be changed at any time).

If you order this package (3 items are in one package and then add on the MACA) below or anything else over $125, CONTACT ME FIRST for a coupon code to save $25. It basically gets your 4th item for free.

Oh yeah and guess what, SHIPPING IS FREE.

My recommended package is called the SOLLE IMMUNE PACKAGE + SOLLE MACA. You have to add the bottle of Maca as well, and then be sure to get your $25 OFF!

Below is what’s included and you can start your order here…


You can also start by taking a free health assessment here, and send me your results. We can talk briefly to make sure that you’re taking the right products for your personal needs.

It’s the end of a long winter. It’s cold/flu season. It’s almost spring break. It’s almost spring. It’s almost time to come out of hibernation. It’s time to put your health (of your body AND YOUR MIND) first. It’s time to exhale. It’s time to feel like you again.

Yes, it’s like that.

Ideally, give it 3 months to really work it’s magic, but you’ll likely feel a difference in a few days.

And as always, let me know how I can help!