Changing this one silly little word can change your entire day

Don't you hate those days when you feel like you have so much you HAVE to do? 

You have to go grocery shopping and figure out something to feed your family.
You have to do extra laundry because your kids or dog or monkey is potty training.
You have to run a ton of errands for school or work.
You have to get that thing done for work before the thing happens with the other thing.
You have to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.
You have to start going to the gym more.
You have to start spending more quality time with your significant other.

It's hard to do all the adult things that we have to do.

Or that we should do.

Or that we are supposed to be doing.

Sometimes it's harder to do the things that matter, the things that are good for us. It may be harder to shop and cook for healthy meals that make you feel well and strong than it is to go to the drive-thru. It may be harder to get up early and meditate or pray or go for a walk or run than it is to press snooze. It may be harder to read a book or study or learn something new than it is to watch Netflix every night.

It's really ALL in how we look at it. And something that literally changed my life about a year ago was switching that ONE phrase, "have to", to the phrase "get to."

Hear me out on this. You know I'm going somewhere good. 

What if, just by rephrasing what you have to do, whether out loud or in your head, you could change how you feel and how you react or act upon that thought?


You get to go to the grocery store. You get to choose what you eat and how you feed your family. You get to have clean, healthy food that you can make into nourishing meals to help your family, grow, heal, and thrive.

You get to do laundry for your family (I use this one on myself every time my 3-year-old wets the bed and I am finding myself changing sheets, again, that week. I have the time to do it. I am a caring, attentive parent who is willing and able to make sure my little man has a safe and healthy space to sleep in his crazy expensive Lightning McQueen sheets from stinking Pottery Barn that I couldn't resist. We are lucky.)

You get to have clean sheets and clothing that you bought that are soft and fresh and match your kids bedrooms and have clean water and awesome eco-friendly laundry soap. (PS If you need some good laundry soap, check this out). 

You get to go to work and do what you to do help others, create something cool, earn an income to support the life you have and home you have and family you support.

Because, guess what? You don't have to do any of it. You choose to do it, and you choose how you do it. And if you switch the word "have" to with "get" to and it still doesn't feel right, then you have to figure out what you need to change in your life to make that sentence make sense. 

Does that make sense?

It works. It will really shift your negative whiny thinking into a better mindset in the moment, and long term, it may help you to realize what you need to release or change in your life so that you can walk around feeling like you have a lot more "get tos" than anything else in your life. And "get tos," make us feel more grateful and excited about the things we do in our lives.

And guess what else you get to do? You get to make healthy choices every day so that you can heal, fight disease, sleep better, have the energy you desire to work your best, raise your kids, have a positive influence on others, and create amazing things in this world.

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