The Hardest Part About Being a Health Coach (It's Not What You'd Think)

I love working with clients on their health and nutrition goals. Some of them stick around on an ongoing basis for long-term support. Some of them complete their 4-8 sessions and then we take a break. Others tap out a little early if they just aren't ready or we're not on the same page. 

Sometimes I see my clients struggle with consistency. Sometimes we have to change their eating plans more than once. Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes we just disagree.

But that's not what's so hard about what I do. 

What's hard is that I don't have all the answers. What's hard is that nutrition is always evolving. What's hard is that the more I learn, the more confusing it gets.

What's hard is that, I still struggle too.

I became certified as a health counselor many years ago because it's in my SOUL to help others figure out this absolutely crazy, confusing, and contradicting world of natural wellness and nutrition. It is confusing. It can be hard. It can be discouraging.

Nothing holds my interest like learning about how the body can literally transform from the inside out based on WHAT YOU DO:

How you sleep,
What you eat,
When you eat it,
The mood you're in while you're eating it,
What you ate last night,
What you're thinking about,
How you slept, 
The supplements (and quality) you take,
Your trauma,
Your dreams,
Your spirit,
Your air quality,
Your water quality,
Your toxic environment,
Your medications,
Your exercise (or lack of),
Your screen time,
Your relationships,
Your heartache.

It's all. A. Part. Of. It. 

Two years ago, I thought the Ayurvedic perspective of nutrition was "too hard." It would be way too hard to not eat meat at dinner, or choose foods based on my dosha or the season (more on that later). Now, it comes to me naturally every day.

I used to think that being totally plant-based or a vegan was extreme and unnecessary. Now, I've been doing it with absolute ease for 5 months.

Last year, I hated the idea of the Whole30. I had friends all around me talking about it and I insisted it was too extreme and short-term. Now, I'm fully ready to take this on and learn everything I can about the process. 

Now, I am fusing all of these ideas together to fully understand how no single perspective works for everyone.

I used to talk about it, but now, I really know it. 

I switched supplements. I created my own detox plan. I learned how to meditate. I ate a vegan diet for the last 5 months. I saw a doctor. And now I'm researching how to properly teach others the power of a personal elimination diet, because none of us are exactly the same.

I've changed my mind, my perspective, my programs and offers because I learned more. I found better. Not because I can't make up my mind. When something doesn't work, you shift, you pivot, you leave it, you move on.

And it's allllll good. 

I'm still supporting clients towards their weight loss goals. Improving their sleep and digestion. Helping them to have more energy and more confidence in their eating.

And we are about to take it to the next level, and I hope you'll join me. I'll be sharing more about my upcoming plans to complete a Whole 30 this summer. Stay tuned (and don't be afraid to pivot as needed).