Are you suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

This month, I've found myself turning slightly inward. I'm looking into what holds me back, what do I beat myself up about, and frankly, what do I really want to be when I grow up?

Can you relate?

As I've been learning more about the Whole 30, I've considered more about the habits that hold me back...and I've also considered that the middle of a very long-awaited summer is probably not the best time to launch a group program like this (so I'm told).

Be assured, however, that this opportunity will be coming again later in the year if you want to get involved. As I complete my own Whole 30, I'll be sure to post all my fabulous meal creations and sharing my experience. Stay tuned.

Also, I'm on a new podcast kick. I've been searching for topics and people who are on my mind and it's lead me to some conversations between amazing minds that have been really inspiring. Today, I listened to Melissa Urban's recent podcast about Imposter Syndrome. I'm sort of into her right now, so bear with me. But next week, I'm sure it'll be something totally different. (I guess that's just me).

Prior to listening to this episode, I don't think I would have used this phrase to describe myself. After it, I was easily convinced.

Imposter Syndrome is when, regardless of how well you perform at something or your credentials, you fear that those around you are going to judge you or "call you out" on not knowing what you're talking about. That you're a fraud. That you're actually not good at all at what you do.

It amazes me that someone as successful as Melissa (Hartwig) Urban could have ever gone through this. The point is that most successful people have experienced such a feeling because - they're people.

They're not perfect.

The second point is, most of the time, these thoughts are complete BS that we create in our minds. We judge others because we're missing something in our lives or annoyed about something within us that we project onto others, and we're afraid other people judge us as well. She talks about looking at the judgment as a mirror, rather than a window. Wow. That hit home for me.

So what can you do about this idea? Steer your own course. Shift your negative thoughts (about yourself or about others) when they arise. Pay attention to your business rather than comparing and judging and assuming.

Stop thinking that you're not doing a good job, at whatever it is.

I don't think that I'm not good at what I do. I know I can help others improve their health, I've done so in the past, I have the credentials, and my clients can share their experiences... But maybe I do fear that, as someone who thinks she's important enough to have a blog, a newsletter, and a business that helps others to change their lifestyles for the better...that someone may call me out for being imperfect.

The imperfect health coach.

Who only eats organic 80-90% of the time. Who struggles with her own self-sabotage, cravings, and wine. Who still questions her diet (or which diet) on a regular basis. Who tries something new every 6-12 months to make herself, her business, or her life better. Who may or may not suffer from imposter syndrome.

I don't have all the answers, I'm not perfect, and that's ok. I'm real. I have realistic expectations for my clients, and relatable experience.

And that is more important to me than perfection.

If you're having trouble getting your health and eating on track this summer, I have a great offer in store for you for 4 sessions with me, one-on-one. I'm honored to help you imperfectly improve your eating habits, your overall wellness, and your outlook on what it takes to get "healthy." Contact me to get started!