Every Reason I'm Doing the Whole 30 - and it's NOT to Lose Weight

I may have mentioned this before, but 1-2 years ago, I “hated” the idea of the Whole 30.

My best friend told me she and her husband were planning to do it for the first time and I TOLD HER SHE COULDN’T DO IT.

  1. I’m the worst person ever.

  2. I’m the worst best friend ever.

  3. I’m the worst health coach ever.

Ok, but really? I was completely and 100% projecting my OWN shit all over the place because I knew I couldn’t do it (at the time, I didn’t know enough about it). It was too strict, too temporary, unrealistic, and unnecessary. Plus, I didn’t really “want” to lose weight at the time, so it didn’t apply to me.

A friend of mine who is a personal trainer was doing it, my photographer was doing it, and I heard more and more about it, and the Whole 30 just seemed like a trendy diet that didn’t work for me and my family.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and after buying all the books, listening to all the podcasts, and trying a few other methods of eating such as vegan, plant-based, and ayurvedic diet plans, I was singing a different tune. I listened to the stories, I researched the science, and I understood that completing an actual Whole 30, even though it can result in weight loss for some people, was really about so much more.

The Whole 30 helps us reset, experiment, and in other words “test” our mental and physical relationships with foods. It helps you to get over, under, and through the unhealthy habits you’ve created over time, whether or not other people see it that way.

For me, I drink more wine than I should or care to admit. Sometimes, it’s hard or nearly impossible for me to turn down a glass when offered. I also “think about” whether or not I should have some wine, way more than my time is worth. It’s a distraction, and I do believe this habit holds me back from living my best life. Seriously.

This program is temporary FOR A REASON. You can look at this from a few angles (like, this isn’t sustainable, so why bother and do something so extreme? Or…this is ONLY for 30 days to reset my mind and body, and then I can revisit my eating habit and preferences and see what’s really best for me). This plan is strict because it removes all the crap and potentially inflammatory foods so that you CAN break the habits that you’ve had for so long and so that you can figure out which foods may be really bothering you (causing pain, acne, inflammation, indigestion, headaches, and more so so much more).

I crave chocolate, every. Single. Day. Even though I always skip dessert, I have no interest in doughnuts, cake, or ice cream, and many people would say that a little organic, dark chocolate is fine every day, it’s not when I want it all the time. It’s not ok when I crave it when I’m stressed, when I’m tired, after most of my meals, and I get slightly unnerved when there’s none in the house. Hence = need for habit change = remove this for 30 days and reimplement on an as needed basis.

Basically, this program (yes, a program, a temporary, guided program, with rules and restrictions that prepares you for the freedom from food you’ll have upon completing it after 30-40 days. Physical effects and emotional effects will vary from person to person.

The best part? It’s good for EVERYBODY. It's healthy. There’s no counting, no measuring, no time of day eating or not eating, and you can STILL EAT POTATOES. I can’t say that nearly ANY of the diet trends I hear about are the best option these days.

I mean, what else do you need? The recipes are endless and frankly, it will change how you look at food, how you feel about food, how you feel physically, and make a WHOLE lot of room in your life for more important things besides social events that REVOLVE around food, stress eating, and debating on whether or not to have that 2nd or 3rd glass.

Stick around in the month of September as I blog my way through my very first Whole 30 experience, and if you’re reading this early in the month, contact me to join our community Facebook Group.

And know: This is NOT about a diet, a weight loss plan, or a typical restrictive detox. There are rules, but there are reasons for the rules. And then, you can be done with the rules (until January).