Everything I Learned on Day 1 of My First Whole 30

I’ve been planning for this day for quite some time. I posted a few months ago that I was beginning to research and dabble in the idea of a Whole 30, but I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. Summer in SoCal is my paradise, and I wasn’t in the right headspace to turn down any of my summer drinks by the pool (baby pool) or any mom’s nights out I had on the books.

But now, it’s September. School starts tomorrow. Shit is about to get real.

My baby is heading off to full-time school and I have time and space in front of me that I’ve NEVER had before. I’m ready to work more, workout more, knock this Whole 30 out of the park, and create some really amazing magic with my clients and writing. You just wait.

I’m most challenged and excited about excluding alcohol from my life for the next 30 days. That probably sounds stupid (or like a nightmare) to many of you, but it’s true. Because I KNOW I feel better without it. I sleep better. I feel better. I’m stronger at yoga. I’m more focused and less irritable with my family. My headaches and belly aches disappear and that is only the beginning! The Whole 30 plan removes many of the potential ingredients from our lives that are known to cause inflammation in the body, and I cannot wait to see how I feel in a few weeks! I sleep better. So much better.

So why don’t I just stop drinking wine? Maybe I needed this push. Maybe I needed the timing to be right. Maybe I needed more accountability (to whoever is reading this, thank you).

There’s more to it than that. There’s HABITS. And our unhealthy habits are why I’m doing my Whole 30 this month. It’s a big deal, probably a bigger deal than you want to admit. I love enjoying my food, but I don’t love when I look forward to certain foods (or drinks) more than other parts of my day, when I look to them for comfort or distraction, or spend more energy and time debating on whether or not to have them than it takes me to write a post like this.

These issues exist for many of us REGARDLESS OF WEIGHT. Healthy relationships with food are VERY important for me and when I work with clients. And the Whole 30 can really improve these funky relationships and shift our unhealthy habits.

So today is Day 1.

By the way, I’m not going to be posting my meals and feelings daily, but I’ll be posting a lot. I’ve done other cleanses and month long plans before that have fallen through. This one won’t. And I want to share my experience, what I figure out, what’s hard, how to make it a little less hard, and hopefully support you when you’re ready to do your first, or next Whole 30.

Breakfast was easy, I’ve made plenty of gluten-free and dairy-free egg/veg/and potato scramblers in the past. No cheese, and if you have a breakfast meat, make sure it’s Whole 30 compliant with NO sugar or any of this crap in the ingredients. I aim for Whole 30-approved Applegate products and double check which ones don’t have sugar in them.

When it comes to coffee, it’s technically approved. I’m always working with clients to have LESS coffee (1-2 cups per day before noon, max), and as long as you FEEL WELL when you have coffee, make sure it’s organic, and on W30, NO cream or sugar. I have a small cup of cold brew with NUT PODS and they seem to do the trick as a creamer replacement (made from nuts/seeds, no peanuts or sugar).

This kept me full for about 3 hours, when I grabbed a handful of farmer’s market-fresh blackberries and almonds. I also kept an extra eye on how much water I’ve been drinking. I drink plenty of purified water all the time, and while detoxing and fighting sugar cravings, it’s extra important to stay super hydrated.

Whole 30 Support and Healthy W30 Breakfast Ideas

Day 1 Whole 30 Approved Breakfast

Eggs, veggies, and potatoes


Day 1 Whole 30 Approved Lunch

Some kind of mexi-dish I threw together…

Part of my goal in “dabbling” in the Whole 30 (which absolutely is NOT a thing in the Whole 30 world, it really is all or nothing for 30 days, so don’t get any ideas). Was because I KNOW I have an attachment, dependency, or an emotional something or other to food. I choose REALLY healthy foods almost all of the time, and I also allow myself to enjoy carbs, wine, and dark chocolate…pretty much as often as I want. However, I wanted to decrease my risk of unwanted surprises and wanted to play with a few experimental “W30” days to just SEE how I’d feel.

I’ve done plenty of juice cleanses and other short-term detoxes that I was just too hungry on. That’s not the case with the W30. You don’t have to cut back on calories, meals, carbs, or count a thing. You just have to choose from the approved list of HEALTHY FOODS. That’s it.

Since I hadn’t yet made my way to the grocery store over the holiday weekend, I had to make due with what I had in the house. I tossed together pre-cooked chicken, diced peppers, salsa, avocados, and fresh tomatoes over cauliflower rice and it was quick, simply, and satisfied me.

Three hours later, I was hungry, and the Whole 30 books all say to EAT WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY. Over the next few weeks, my body will be going through enough sugar cravings and gut balancing detoxing, so there’s so need to add in HANGRY to the mix. I made smoothie, but don’t worry, my smoothies are NOT all fruit. I add in flax, chia, pure cocao powder, hemp seeds, kale, berries and banana. I split it with my son and cheers’d to making it more than halfway through the first day (of the rest of my life).

I also learned quickly (by label reading EVERYTHING even MORE than I typically do) that my some of my clean, organic, and vegan supplements had things like xylitol, rice concentrate, rice powder, or stevia in them. So even though something is healthy, clean, vegan, or organic, it doesn’t always mean it’s Whole 30 compliant.

My rice vinegar and sesame oil in my pantry were both marked with “refrigerate after opening” that I never noticed before, and a few of the seasoning mixes I liked to use had things in them I couldn’t use. It’s important to not “waste” any effort during a Whole 30 by overlooking something as silly as spices or vitamins. So make sure to look at ALL your ingredients, when in doubt, make your own!