Back to School Detox

This is one of those times of year when everyone is just "so busy." Whether or not you have kids, there's something about this particular shift in seasons that makes people want to get down to business. It must be related to some sort of innate connection to our ancestors as they prepared for fall harvests, stocking up on food and supplies for the winter, and maybe going into some type of hibernation...maybe. 

Personally, I've always loved this time of year. I love fall. Currently, I live in a place where fall doesn't really happen. However, in the past, I always loved fall decorating, cozy sweaters (duh), mugs of whatever and pumpkin spice candles. I have one on my kitchen table right now. Back to school season often means revisiting routines, fresh starts, and new clothes and lunch boxes. 

For many adults, it means summer eating, travel, and socializing can take a break before heading into the diet-dooming holiday season. This conversation is all too familiar. Honestly, it's hard to type it any further because every magazine article, health-related or lifestyle blog and facebook ad is going to be talking about the same know what I'm talking about!

But it's a real thing! Even I caught myself eating and drinking a whole lot more non-health-coach-worthy meals than I typically do and some of my evening rituals (ahem**wine**ahem) have become serious habits I'm choosing to break.

I'm so ready for a pause, a fresh start, and a short-term detox from the grab-whatever-I-want-lifestyle created because of the following reasons:

(raise your hand if you can relate)

  • You're a parent.

  • You work (at all).

  • You ever experience stress.

  • You want to lose weight but you're too tired or annoyed to do it.

  • You don't really need to lose weight.

  • You are tired.

  • You're annoyed. 

  • You have a social life.

  • You love food.

  • You love wine.

  • You love sugar.

Ok, so I'm not alone here, right? Sometimes habits appear and not only do we get off track, but we don't even realize it has happened. That's ok. That's life. And right now, we aren't going to worry about what track you are supposed to be on, or that school just started and "there's so much going on,"  or that you just got into a new routine or whatever excuse you are going to say out loud that you just can't do anything else...

You can take care of yourself. 

You can take a brief pause from sugar, alcohol, and other crappy foods that tend to cause short-term gratification and long-term problems (while also making our sleep, digestion, and weight loss efforts simply suck.)

Stop trying to do all the things. You cannot be everywhere and be all the things for everyone else. You cannot be all the things you want to be when you feel bloated, tired, and annoyed with your recent choices.

I invite you to join me next week for a 2-Week Back to School Detox. I'm considering hosting another, long-term program for us right before the holidays next month, and this will be a GREAT warm up for it. For now, let's pause. Let's take a break from a few of the things that are holding us back from feeling our best right now.

This group will provide my 2-week detox plan (in PDF so you can go back to it whenever you feel you need to in the future), exclusive access to a Facebook accountability group, recipes, grocery shopping tips, and several Live FB Q+As with me so that we can all talk about our crazy kids, cravings, and extra inch-melting successes.