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Can't Go Over It, Gotta Go Through It

It’s funny how, as new parents, we learn as we go. Even when we read the books and listen to the podcasts. Just like what our little ones experience, once we think we have something figured out, it changes. Once a routine or a phase seems like it’s working, our children grow, learn a new way to explore or express, and we all have to learn how to navigate the next stage together.

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Adventures in Potty Training

So we started potty training our almost-three-year-old and I wanted to share a few things that worked and didn't work for us, just in case you or someone you know are in the same boat. We did our own version of the "3 day potty training" method. I have no idea why, but for the first time since becoming a parent (including my entire pregnancy), for whatever reason, I did not run out and buy a book on this topic. This time, I went to the real experts: other moms, and Google. 

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