Wine Not?

Guest Blog by Gabi Garrett, Inspirational Life and Business Coach for Entreprenuers

It’s been a long day and all you can dream of is 5:00 so it’s socially acceptable to chug, nay, sip a glass of Pinot noir. Scratch that. 4 o’clock is basically 5 o clock, and if you’re cooking... does it count?

But, you can’t have wine because you read somewhere on Instagram that we should cut things out to make sure we aren’t addicted. Oh, then someone posted about their six pack and no sugar, Keto, paleo life and you felt like a loser so you decided NO wine, NO fun, NO nothing this week.

But...Why do you crave it so bad? And is it bad?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: it’s the meaning behind everything.

No one is campaigning for ice cream Monday's or cheez-it Thursday’s. Right? But wine Wednesday’s... wine socials... wine everything ... is EVERYWHERE! It’s no wonder you always have it in your head and the lady you pass at the grocery store (nah, ladies) always have it in their cart. We live in a wine culture. It’s on every TV show, podcast, commercial.

Let’s talk about what we really need to do.

Quit the GUILT!

If you love wine, shine on, sister. Everything in moderation, as I say, including moderation. 😉

If you drink it with guilt... you’re gonna feel like shit.

If you eat cake with guilt.... you’re gonna get a stomach ache.

If you even have sex with guilt... you aren’t gonna enjoy it.

So, before you reach for a glass, just ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I trying to cover up a feeling?

2. Am I using this to cope?

3. Will this interfere with my goals for tomorrow?

And, before your second, ask yourself these:

1. Have I had enough?

2. What’s bringing me to want another one?

3. Can I sit with this feeling for a minute?

I think you’ll find it easier to balance your life if you let go of the “shoulds”, now, this isn’t advice for those of us who are struggling with addiction. I am not that kind of blogger. But, it is advice for those of us who hear ALL the voices in their head before they reach for macaroni, Pinot noir or hell... even dark chocolate.

There is no bad, there is no good. There’s only right for you.

Now isn’t that a relief?