The One Thing Missing From Your Diet + Exercise Plan Plan

I’ve been taking supplements for years. I have always insisted on a multivitamin, omegas, and probiotics for my clients and everyone I know. I fully believe that our soil, our food production, and our ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients in our country has been compromised, and diet and exercise is just not enough any more.

There’s a reason so many of us are still struggling with low energy, libido, poor sleep, lackluster digestion and a host of other problems with managing blood sugar, blood pressure, and mood disorders. We need some help.

I’ve researched and experienced many different brands of supplements and herbs over the years. More than anything else, I think I’ve become most disappointed to find that the products that claim to be pure, natural, and clean are not what they say they are. I’ve found this to be true with many essential oils, which is why I use Wisdom of the Earth. I found this to be true with my skin care and makeup, which is why I use Beautycounter.

Even though I was taking several high-end, high “quality” vitamins and supplements daily, I found myself still experiencing some chronic concerns that I just couldn’t shake, even as a natural health practitioner. This was not only very frustrating, but sort of embarrassing, to be helping others find balance in their health without feeling truly confident in my own routines and health.

I’ve recently come across a new company that is changing the way I look at nutritional supplements. Focusing on totally plant-based, non-gmo, pure adaptogenic herbs, these new supplements are supporting so many people release themselves from the symptoms that are holding us back from our true potential in health or life.

After digging deep into their research studies and having conversations with their specialists and corporate headquarters, I felt I was ready to make a qualified decision to partner with this brand to support my health counseling services. (And now, health counseling clients get serious discounts when they take advantage of both offers).

If you’re not taking any vitamins or supplements, you may want to take a good look at how you feel each day, inside and out, and consider where you feel off balance. If you are already taking something, consider what is really in them. How are the made, and what are they made of?

You can take a free health assessment here to determine where on earth you might start, and we can talk about your concerns together. Start slow, and be open to what potential is available to you. Right when we get to that point of “nothing is working” is usually when a new door opens for us. And I have found that door! Contact me for more info.