Preparing for My First WHOLE30 This Summer

Summer is FINALLY took so long for so many of us.

Ahhh yes, summer can be a time of rest and rejuvenation, or it can be totally booked up and nonstop for others. Depending on your life, your family, and your schedule, it's understandable that "fitting in self-care" doesn't always make it to the top of your priority list. If that's the case, here are a few tips on squeezing it in and making sure you still eat healthy even when your summer is jam-packed.

In other news, I'm reading every book and listening to every podcast I can find related to the Whole30 and its founder (one of them) Melissa Hartwig/Urban. I highly recommend you check out her new podcast "DO THE THING" on iTunes for some down to earth and easy to understand life tips.

In doing my research over the last month or so, I've reintroduced organic, clean animal protein into my diet, paying close attention to my energy levels, mood, and digestion. It's going well, and I'm really looking forward to the next steps. (Making changes to your diet and what it will do for each person is totally personal, so what works for me won't work for everyone.) 

I have already scaled back on my grains and beans (but not completely, since I am not starting the actual program until after the 4th of July) and replacing all of my condiments, seasonings, and somewhat packaged items with Whole30 compliant ones. These include no sugar, less processed, healthier versions of foods that I will always have in the house (like Primal Kitchen's ketchup, salad dressings, and marinades and Siete's grain-free tortilla chips). 

But completely quitting all sugar and alcohol may be the leveling-up I really need to get ready for.

A few reasons I'm feeling drawn to this plan:

...This hard, yet simple, clean-no-alcohol-no-sugar-no-dairy-no-grain-non-diet-eating-plan...

I care about your nutrition and your health. I want nothing more than for more people in this world to get healthier, feel healthier, vote with their forks, live longer, and be nicer to each other. (Really.) 

I know this plan can help EVERYONE in one way or another.

I do not have a perfect relationship with food. Sometimes I eat because I'm tired or cranky or hormonal. Sometimes I eat more dark chocolate than I want to in a day. Sometimes I drink an extra glass of wine when I tell myself I shouldn't. Sometimes I eat more because I drank that glass of wine. Sometimes my digestion gets thrown off track or my skin breaks out and dear friends, trust me, by now, I SHOULD KNOW what is or isn't causing these things. I read nutrition articles and listen to functional medicine podcasts like it's my job and I've tried EVERYTHING over the last several years to get my health into complete balance.

I am ready to heal that relationship with food. 

This program has helped THOUSANDS of people with improving not only their weight, their chronic health conditions, their inflammation, the mood disorders, their sleep, their energy, etc...but it helps people to discover freedom from not knowing what to eat, not being able to stop eating, and not having the "discipline" when they are literally addicted to foods that are not healthy for them. 

I write this post with a lot of emotion because regardless of what I look like or what YOU think I look like or what YOU think I eat, I am frustrated. I'm frustrated when I don't know what I "can" or "should" eat so I'll feel my best. I'm frustrated when I feel like I should pass on something and I give in and eat it anyway (and then am annoyed because of it).

I'm really frustrated with the commercials I see on tv (for the limited amount that I do watch, everything I see is for fast food or pharmaceuticals) and the marketing I see in groceries stores. I'm frustrated when I hear people every day complaining about and suffering from ailments that can be improved with food, but they don't even know where to begin.

This plan can help.