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Commit to What You Really Want, and How You Talk About It

Do you ever struggle with whether or not to "let yourself off the hook" and skip the gym or have an extra cookie? Or are you being too easy on yourself and giving up on your healthy eating efforts? You could say that you are trying to do something, you're wishing for something to happen, you could or should be doing something. But shoulds aren't going to get you very far.

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Turns Out, Consistency Really is Key

It is happening, my friend, but you must be consistent.

Whether you are removing sugar, alcohol, processed foods...whether you want to lose weight...whether you think Keto is the only way you can lose weight (it's not) or you just started drinking Bulletproof coffee or mushroom coffee or CBD capsules, whatever you do, you have to be consistent. 

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3 Small Things to Do Before You Make Your Next Diet Move

I attempted and then stopped my own elimination diet, only to finally seek some professional medical advice to address some personal health concerns. I've now embarked on a WHOLE NEW level of clean eating...not something I'll be pushing upon my clients and followers, but it will definitely be influencing what I share going forward.

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Why I'm Letting Go of My January Eating Plan (And a Lot of Other Things)

Why am I done with my January eating plan early? I am letting go. I'm letting go of a lot of things this year. I'm making space for more of what I want and spending less time doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.

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What to Do Differently for Your 2019 Goals

So what's the plan? Are you still on a veggie-loving health kick? (Actually, I am, and I'm not doing so bad) What are your intentions for this year? Do you have any? Or have you already stopped whatever you planned to do 10 days ago
I've definitely wanted to stop. But here’s how I push through…

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My Crazy Self-Inflicted Eating Plan for January

This month, I needed to give my body a break. I was finding that not only was I struggling with some digestive distress that needed healing, but that I was really addicted to certain foods and I wanted a clean break. Now, it’s only day 4, so I may be coming to you in a week totally cranky and freaking out in “need” of some type of cheese or chocolate, but at the moment, I’m doing alright.

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Here’s How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving (And Enjoy Every Second of It)

Overeating, consuming excess sugar, alcohol, and missing out on a regular workout or sleep schedule can have major impact on your immune system and inflammation levels (and can lead to weight gain). Now is the perfect time of year to be prioritizing your self-care and making sure that when you can choose healthy, nourishing foods and habits, you do.

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What To Eat During Your Family's Nonstop Summer

For many parents, summer tends to be a time of baseball tournaments, soccer camps, vacations, and playdates. Although it sounds like this could be a more relaxing time of year for a lot of families, most of my clients find this season to be quiet the opposite. Here are a few ideas for packing up healthy meals while out and about.

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Juice, Blending + Protein Powders, oh my...

Knowing and understanding the benefits and differences between blending your favorite ingredients into a smoothie or juicing fresh vegetables and fruits for optimal absorption is a confusing topic these days. Here’s a breakdown as to what you’ll really want to know.

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