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Commit to What You Really Want, and How You Talk About It

Do you ever struggle with whether or not to "let yourself off the hook" and skip the gym or have an extra cookie? Or are you being too easy on yourself and giving up on your healthy eating efforts? You could say that you are trying to do something, you're wishing for something to happen, you could or should be doing something. But shoulds aren't going to get you very far.

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Questions For Nicole (+ What I Do as Health Counselor)

When I became a certified as a health coach, I stopped my unbalanced eating and lifestyle habits (that I didn't even know were a problem), stopped taking almost all OTC and prescription medication, lost the 10-15 pounds I fluctuated with since I was 18, and changed my outlook on wellness and self-care. 

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Nicole Answers: What's a Health Coach?

There's nothing that makes me look in the mirror and ask myself some deep questions about how I'm representing my business and what I offer more than having people (like, people who are very close to me) ask me what I do. So here's a breakdown about what a health coach is, why I'm so passionate about it, and how exactly I help people with their health and wellness goals. 

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