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Can't Go Over It, Gotta Go Through It

It’s funny how, as new parents, we learn as we go. Even when we read the books and listen to the podcasts. Just like what our little ones experience, once we think we have something figured out, it changes. Once a routine or a phase seems like it’s working, our children grow, learn a new way to explore or express, and we all have to learn how to navigate the next stage together.

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Health Coaches Aren't Perfect Either

We are not perfect. Parents are not perfect. Health coaches and nutritionists are not perfect either. I drink wine, I sometimes eat pizza (yes, with like real, gluten-laden crust), my three-year-old is the exact picky-on-the-go-eater I never thought I'd have, and I have created every angle of my online business, by myself, the long way, the hard way, and it's very far from perfect.

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