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The Hardest Part About Being a Health Coach (It's Not What You'd Think)

Sometimes my clients are inconsistent or we disagree. But that’s not the hardest part about what I do. I became certified as a health counselor many years ago because it's in my SOUL to help others figure out this absolutely crazy, confusing, and contradicting world of natural wellness and nutrition. It is confusing. I've changed my mind, my perspective, my programs and offers because I learned more. And here’s what I found.

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The One Thing You Can Do Improve Your Weight, Digestion + Sleep

I’ve found that focusing on 3-4 relaxed meals eaten mindfully and in a calm setting is extremely beneficial for improving overall health and improving weight loss efforts. And even more so, is focusing on our lunch as the biggest meal of the day and having a lighter evening meal. This is really important.

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Why the New Moon is the Perfect Time for Something New

Sometimes shit just gets weird in your life. You may feel off, you may think that everyone around you is off, and you wonder, what is with everyone today? The push and pull of the new moon and the full moon may very well be related to the energies you have on any given week in your mind, your home, or your workplace.

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