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Preparing for My First WHOLE30 This Summer

I write this post with a lot of emotion because regardless of what I look like or what YOU think I look like or what YOU think I eat, I am frustrated. I'm frustrated when I don't know what I "can" or "should" eat so I'll feel my best. I'm frustrated when I feel like I should pass on something and I give in and eat it anyway (and then am annoyed because of it)...

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Sometimes you just need to DO THE THING!

And I feel like at this point in my life, my health, and my career, it's time to just DO THE THING. And I'm completing my first WHOLE 30 with the intention of releasing the eating habits that I feel "addicted to" and to figure out exactly which foods I'm sensitive to with a proper reintroduction plan (more on that later).

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The Hardest Part About Being a Health Coach (It's Not What You'd Think)

Sometimes my clients are inconsistent or we disagree. But that’s not the hardest part about what I do. I became certified as a health counselor many years ago because it's in my SOUL to help others figure out this absolutely crazy, confusing, and contradicting world of natural wellness and nutrition. It is confusing. I've changed my mind, my perspective, my programs and offers because I learned more. And here’s what I found.

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