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My Favorite Whole 30 Go-To Meal Ideas

I’ve really enjoyed a few of the meals below, making things that are similar to what I ate before the Whole 30 with compliant ingredients, and making a few things that I can eat 3-4 days in a row. Here are a few that I googled or found on Pinterest that I wanted to share. (I have no affiliation with the amazing people behind these recipes and blogs, but they are totally worth sharing!)

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Whole 30 Day 19 and Still Going...

I am feeling balanced and “normal,” for the first time in a long time. My energy is balanced. My sleep is good (not crashing hard, not waking much through the night). My mood is peaceful (except for when I really just want a glass of wine, but I’m pushing through!) I am not starving or feeling like I’m “dieting” in the least bit, and I honestly feel that I can go longer between meals than before.

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Whole 30 Day 12

I thought I’d have so much more time to sit and write about my Whole 30 experience this month and it’s already Day 12! Time is going by quicker than I feared, but not because the Whole 30 plan is “no big deal.” It’s taken a lot of effort, daily, if not hourly, but it’s now becoming a new normal. And more importantly, it’s giving me the time and space I needed to give to so many other things!

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Whole 30 Day 4

Completing a Whole 30 doesn’t have to be as daunting, scary, or difficult as you imagined. I put off completing my first program for almost a year before I really understood that I was craving food FREEDOM more than I was craving FOOD. On Day 4, I share my experience thus far and some of my favorite meal ideas.

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Every Reason I'm Doing the Whole 30 - and it's NOT to Lose Weight

About a year or two ago, I “hated” the idea of the Whole 30. It was too strict, too temporary, unrealistic, and unnecessary. Plus, I didn’t really “want” to lose weight at the time, so it didn’t apply to me.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I listened to the stories, I researched the science, and I understood that completing an actual Whole 30, even though it can result in weight loss for some people, was really about so much more.

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Are you suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is when, regardless of how well you perform at something or your credentials, you fear that those around you are going to judge you or "call you out" on not knowing what you're talking about. That you're a fraud. That you're actually not good at all at what you do. Prior to listening to this podcast episode, I don't think I would have used this phrase to describe myself. After it, I was easily convinced.

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