Sometimes you just need to DO THE THING!

I mentioned last time that I'm researching and studying all that I can to prepare for my first WHOLE 30 Experience this summer. After eating entirely plant-based for the last 5+ months, it's going to take some easing into, and I'm not interested in shocking my body.

To prepare for this (TEMPORARY) period of elimination and reset, I have to switch quite a few things around in my diet and my kitchen.

When I became more "plant-based," I began adding a LOT of grains and beans and seeds in my diet, and something just wasn't leaving me feeling 100%. 

Not eating dairy or eggs or meat was easy for me, but my addiction to dark chocolate, starchy carbs, and wine was still getting in the way of my success. Eating a mostly plant-based diet is all well and good, but if you're insulin resistant or sensitive to certain grains, you're wasting all of that effort and missing out on other healthy foods. I don't want to be eliminating something as nutritious as organic eggs and wild-caught salmon when the real problem with my inflammation stems from sensitivity to corn or soy or wheat. 

As I read the WHOLE 30 Books (I recommend getting the Whole 30, Whole 30 Day By Day, and one of the cookbooks), I am starting to add more of these recipes into my diet. I slowly reintroduced meat and eggs into my meals, taking days in between to adjust and listen to my body. 

By the way, even if you have no intention of completing this program, a GREAT place to start with a healthy eating plan for all body types is to Google search and try some Whole 30 meals and recipes. 

Each meal, and each day, I look at what I'm eating and what I'll do differently once I begin the plan. I'm replacing my tortilla chips, my condiments, and my pasta and bread with more compliant options, and starting to "use up" some of the foods in my house that aren't on the plan (like beans, corn, bread, chocolate). I have already cut back on my wine intake (I know!) and am slowly preparing myself for the next steps.

I recently said to one of my clients, "You just have to do the thing. Do the thing you know you want to do, you have to do, what is a little hard, and a little out of your the thing takes a little more effort, but is WORTH IT." 

I had no idea until about a week later that the founder of Whole 30, Melissa Hartwig (now Melissa Urban), has a new podcast out and the title of it is called DO THE THING.

I couldn't believe it! I think we were meant to work together someday.

And I feel like at this point in my life, my health, and my career, it's time to just DO THE THING. And I'm completing my first WHOLE 30 with the intention of releasing the eating habits that I feel "addicted to" and to figure out exactly which foods I'm sensitive to with a proper reintroduction plan (more on that later).

This isn't just about weight loss anymore, my friend.

I'll be opening up my first WHOLE 30 experience as a Facebook group and invite you to CONSIDER joining me. The group will start soon and the actual WHOLE 30 program will begin July 7th (so you have lots of time to think about this). Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, reflect on what is your THING. What is it that eats at you? What do you want to do that you never finish? That you always excuse? What is the thing that holds you back?