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A “non-coachy” wellness enthusiast helping you create a healthier life with simple, understandable support.

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Eating better, simplified.

RIGHT NOW I have a special 4-session Spring Weight Loss Kickstart Plan available with $300 savings! Regularly $800, we can get your eating and weight loss on track (for real this time) for only $495.

Get customized support, a fresh look at your eating habits, and a solid plan that works to lose the winter weight!

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When I work with clients, I focus on 5 super important, yet often overlooked, areas of wellness:

  1. How you sleep

  2. What you drink

  3. How and how often you move your body

  4. The need for organic, whole, plant-based foods. We spend a lot of time on this.

  5. When to eat your meals and why

Nothing fascinates me more than learning how nutrition can make us healthier, better, and stronger (or sicker and fatter).

In the past 10 years I have completed certifications for Holistic Health Coaching, Medicinal Aromatherapy, and fitness instruction.

Currently, I’m spending more time on my spiritual life, my family, my personal health, and a select number of clients to gradually improve their health and lifestyle…


In 2019, I embarked on a journey to replace the mentality of tough love, more hustle, and self-inflicted guilt of being the perfect mom and business owner with embracing my creativity, a plant-based diet (new territory for me), and finally learning how to actually meditate, for reals.

Check out my blog to read more about my experience and how it may be able to inspire some of your healthy lifestyle choices going forward.

I am letting go of the expectations, relationships, foods, and habits that are not supporting me towards the direction and place I want to be in. And I encourage you to do the same.

If your health, weight, and personal struggles have led you here, maybe we have a shot at working together to make things better for you. If this is resonating with you, send me a message to talk more or book a wellness session with me here when you’re ready.


Working with Nicole...

"Was EXACTLY what I was hoping for."

"She motivated me + increased my confidence."

"She has an extensive array of Coaching and Nutritive knowledge. She integrates her skill sets with a stellar work ethic, genuine passion, and pure moxie."

"Gave me a new perspective on food."

"I most appreciate Nicole’s person-centered approach to Wellness; she stands out as an individual who will go the extra mile to make you feel truly seen, felt, heard, and nourished with wonderful guidance. A million stars for this superstar!”

"Bottom line, she guides you in the right direction."

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