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A “non-coachy” wellness enthusiast helping you create a healthier life with simple, understandable support.


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When I work with clients, I focus on these super important, yet often overlooked, areas of wellness:

  1. How you’re sleeping

  2. How you’re managing stress

  3. Your digestive and hormonal health

  4. How you’re moving your body

  5. Mindfully shopping, cooking and eating organic foods

  6. Creating time for meditation and actually doing it

  7. Not only what you’re eating, but when you’re eating

  8. Detoxing your body, food, and environment

  9. Which vitamins, supplements or medications you may or may not need

  10. Loving yourself enough to what you say you’ll do and create the life you want

Let’s get you on track, together.

Nicole Schmitz, Highly Rated Health Coach in Newport Beach

Let go of the foods, habits, and beliefs that are holding you back.

In 2019, I embarked on a journey to replace the mentality of tough love, more hustle, and self-inflicted guilt of being the perfect mom and business owner with embracing my creativity, a plant-based diet (new territory for me), and finally learning how to actually meditate, for reals.

Check out my blog to read more about my experience and how it may be able to inspire some of your healthy lifestyle choices going forward.

Working with Nicole...

"Was EXACTLY what I was hoping for."

"She motivated me + increased my confidence."

"She has an extensive array of coaching and nutrition knowledge. She integrates her skill sets with a stellar work ethic, genuine passion, and pure moxie."

"Gave me a new perspective on food."

"I most appreciate Nicole’s person-centered approach to wellness; she stands out as an individual who will go the extra mile to make you feel truly seen, felt, heard, and nourished with wonderful guidance. A million stars for this superstar!”

"Bottom line, she guides you in the right direction."