Metabolic Shred January Kick-Off Group

Join me in this exclusive facebook group to power up your 2019 and start it on the right track!

Lose weight, decrease puffiness and inflammation, clean up your digestive system, and get the best sleep of your life.

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2 BAGS of Solle Complete (shake, I suggest Dutch Cocoa)
2 BOTTLES of Power Chi
1 Bag of Thrive (sprouted greens=LIFE)
1 Bottle of Verdezymes (digestive enzyme/sleep) 
1 Box CinnaMate (inflammation, digestion, energy, blood sugar/craving management, immunity)
1 Box ReNue (calm energy, sleep aid, muscle recovery)

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What is POWER CHI?

If you are brand new to Solle, you definitely want to also order Vital or Thrive, Solle Complete, and Verdezymes for an overall total body balance and support. This is a powerful product that could be too much on its own.

If you are brand new and your order is over $125, I have a $25 off promo code for you! Contact me to get started!

What is SOLLE?

Adaptogenic Herbs…ALL of our products contain at least one Adaptogenic Herb. What in the world are they?

A class of "designer herbs" that your body will NOT "get used to," they won't "stop working," and they don't contain abuse, addiction, or tolerance potential. They help your body deal with stress biologically, physically, emotionally, mentally as your body reacts to stress. Stress is FAR MORE than mental! Think of them as your defense against life. 


Embark on a holistic health journey. This year, you aren't going to starve yourself or take quick fix pills that can ruin your gut. 

Metabolism Reboot
Metabolic Energy 
Weight Management 
Sustain Energy

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to heal and promote health. Now, learn how to use them to support your body and mind.

We will be posting each day in January. You will learn fun facts about gut health, fitness motivation, easy and healthy recipes, and motivation to RESET your metabolic energy!

You can contact me to order or ORDER HERE.

Once purchased you will be added to the GROUP!