What is the difference between a health coach and a nutritionist or dietician?

A dietician is a medical professional and a nutritionist is like a dietician and often starts a private practice coaching their clients around health and the impact of dietary change. A Holistic Health Coach (like Nicole) focuses on overall lifestyle change, wellness, and nutrition by helping her clients find the right foods to support them in reaching their health goals and a better balance in all areas of their life. She takes more of a supportive, educational role and clients are a part of the process working in conjunction with her support to reach their goals.

How often does she meet with clients?

Typically 2x per month, but can be more often. Based on your schedule and your style, you can meet with Nicole virtually or in person if local to Orange County. Nicole will take this journey step by step and decide what works best for you. You can view pricing on her Programs page.

Will this help me lose weight? Is there a diet to follow?

Nicole uses an influence several different nutritional philosophies and Ayurveda, while meeting the needs, schedules and realistic expectations of today’s busy women and moms. Depending on your situation, she'll make recommendations that will support you and your family. Nicole will share her extensive knowledge on healthy cooking and shopping methods, clarify label reading, diet comparison, supplement suggestions, emotional eating awareness and accountability which will ultimately support you towards achieving a healthy and optimal weight. This process is about the connection of all areas of your life that affect the health of your mind and body and bringing that all into the balance you are looking for.

What are the sessions like? What do we do?

Imagine spending time with a good friend who's prime focus is on your goals and concerns, combining counseling, guidance, mentorship, healthy lifestyle suggestions, wellness education and mindfulness accountability all in one. Each session sets aside one full hour of time dedicated just for you to work through what's been holding you back from your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Nicole meets in person or virtually ideally twice per month, but scheduling can be flexible. You'll receive an extensive email summary of each session with realistic and applicable goals to work on before the next session, handouts, worksheets and journal entries that you can keep, and inspirational wellness information to accompany your time together.

How much does it cost to work with Nicole?

Your first session is only $33, and from there we will determine whether this is a fit, setup a customized plan for you. Prices and programs can be viewed on her Programs page. Payments are made directly to Nicole (cash, PayPal, credit card and Venmo accepted).

I'm currently enrolled to become a health/wellness coach or I have a wellness business but I could use a mentor, is Nicole available for this sort of support?

Nicole does make time available for wellness business consulting for a minimal fee to help with things like business structure, creating intention and direction when you are just starting out, social media marketing, newsletters and basic website creation. Please send her a message with questions and you can set up and appointment with her here

Who is Nicole’s ideal person to work with? 

Nicole has been working with clients on their health and wellness goals since 2011. Her practice has evolved and she now works mostly with women, mothers, and expectant mothers who are in overall good health, looking to lose 100 lbs or less, are willing and ready to make true changes in their lives, and are fully prepared to release the patterns and habits that are no longer in line with where they are heading. She has some male clients, and finds it best to make all evaluations and decisions on a case by case baiss at an initial wellness strategy session.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t be a good fit to work with Nicole?

At this time, Nicole is not accepting clients who are under a doctor’s care for extreme medical conditions. Her guidance and suggestions are not a replacement for medical advice. Do not start any workout regimen or stop taking any medication without consulting a medical professional. Nicole is not working with clients under 18, with those looking to lose well over 100 lbs, or those considered an athlete or who work out daily at a professional athletic level. Nicole’s philosophies share knowledge for holistic balanced health, nutrition and mindfulness, and will not suggest any extreme eating plans or advise changes to a diet being supervised by a medical professional. If you have any questions, please schedule a wellness strategy session to speak with Nicole about your goals and concerns to see if this is a fit for you.