Lavender Spike



Wisdom of the Earth Lavender (Spike)           

$34 (15ml)

Antidepressant, antimicrobial, migraines, headaches, tracheal inflammation, harmonizes blood pressure, The “QUEEN” for aiding in insomnia...Use this a few drops on kids bedding or on their feet, I put a few drops in my bath or theirs, also on my wrists, head, neck or chest before bed or when sick or wanting relaxation. Use more when sick. There are 7 Lavenders ranging from $30-84 dollars, and the price does not determine that one is better than the other, but that they are harder to harvest/find in that vibration/location. You have to trust your gut on which to choose. 

This is easily my best selling oil. Helps with burns, cuts, skin issues, baldness, and more than anything, balancing hormones, calming and aiding with sleep.

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