My Philosophy


You can have your wine and drink it too.


Are you super annoyed that you don’t even know W.T.F. you should be eating any more?

Introducing What the Food Coaching + Courses

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be extreme. It doesn’t have to look like endless hours at the gym, eating kale and quinoa every day, or ever replacing your meals with chocolate shakes or taking weight loss pills.

It doesn’t mean you have to quit ALL sugar, coffee, wine, or pizza.

It doesn’t mean you should “snack on carrots and celery,” become a vegan, or “go Keto.”

I’m here to pave the path to a more natural way to weight loss, simplify how you shop, cook, and eat so that you can actually enjoy your food and your life.


And I have very realistic expectations and I’m actually fun to talk to. So grab a glass of something organic and schedule time with me so we can start the first day of the rest of your life (yeah, I said it).

And I’ll make this getting healthy thing feel like a solo trip to Target (really f*&king awesome.)

We Work in 4 Phases

I get it. I’m not perfect. I’m not judging you. I’m here to give you the tools, resources, and support so that you can finally feel good in your skin, know exactly what you want and need to eat to feel your best, and actually have the energy, focus, and motivation to do what you want to do in your day and in your life.

I’m not even going to tell you to stop drinking wine.

I only teach and share what I do, what has worked for me and my clients, and I make sure to do it in a way that feels good for you. I’m super relatable, realistic, and make sure work through all of this with you at your pace.

I’m over feeling like I have to be perfect, and I bet you are too. We’re all adults here. We can eat and drink whatever we want. And now I’m going to show you how to WANT to eat and feel healthy.

I’m going to show you how to eat in a balanced way, stop telling yourself foods are good or bad, think that you’re good or bad for eating them, and never count another macro, carb, or point again.

10 Things I Focus On and Why My Approach is Different


1.     We focus on the full story and make sure to address what else is going on. Triggers, parents, your kids, trauma, and your skewed view that “being healthy is so damn hard” and how it’s standing in your way.

2.     I meet you where you’re at. None of this process is going to look the same from everyone. If you’re drinking soda and eating processed food, we clean that up first. If you’re snacking every hour, hungry all the time, and constantly fighting cravings, we need to fix that. If you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or recently were, that’s a whole other ballgame. I don’t have any expectations other than this being what actually “works” for you.

3.     We replace what’s not working with what is. We’re going to slowly shift and replace the processed, sugary, conventional foods that are making you tired and bloated with cleaner, whole foods that fuel your body (that you actually enjoy.) No calorie, carb, or points here.

Realistic Diet and Weight Loss Coaching with Nicole Schmitz

4.    My weight loss strategy actually teaches you how to eat for life, and why it works. No diet plans to be on or off of. This doesn’t end, it just continues.

5.     Water, sleep, and exercise matter. We’ll make sure you learn to prioritize all areas of your self-care, not just what goes on your plate.

6.     Speaking of self-care, yeah, it’s a real thing. We have to address your life’s stressors, how to decrease them, manage them, and maybe tell a few people (or behaviors) to go f**k themselves and put finally prioritize what matters to you.

7.     Supplements are essential. Our food, water, and soil is depleted, and there’s more that your body needs to thrive than what you’re getting. BUT that looks different for everyone’s bodies and budgets. So we’ll create a plan that feels good for you.

Nicole+Schmitz+Virtual Health Coaching and Weight Loss

8.     Toxins: the good, the bad, and the rose. Toxins are everywhere: some we drink, some we breathe in by stepping outside every day, and some are in your favorite body care items and you never even knew it. I’ll teach you how to detox where it actually matters.

9.     Change your perspective. You can’t have change without challenges, and when you know what you want is bigger than what stands in your way, it all comes together. Being healthy is a lifestyle and a priority, it’s not about a diet, deprivation, or willpower. And yes, you can still have a few of your favorite things.

10.     Accountability is everything. Yes, you can have a little Nicole on your shoulder to help you navigate the grocery store, the menu at date night, and stop putting shit in your body. At least less of the shit.