Voxer Nutrition Coaching

Voxer Nutrition Coaching

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Monthly coaching plan for Nicole’s guidance on shopping, cooking, happy-hours, and travel through the convenience of connecting through the Voxer app (free walkie-talkie app).

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You’re on the phone all day. You’re constantly checking your Instagram DM, slack feed, Facebook notifications, email follow ups, and working with clients and team members. Even scheduling time with doctors, therapists, or trainers is super hard because you have so much going on. When you do have a minute to breathe, you fit in family time or maybe a quick workout.

The Voxer app is your new best friend. Whether you’re hungry at happy hour or wandering the aisles of Whole Foods, now you have accountability support right when you need it. I’ll coach you via the Voxer app when it’s convenient for us both, helping you to stay strong in moments of temptation, clarify cooking questions, navigate date night menus, or translate ingredient lists so you can get your clean eating and self-care on track (without missing out on anything else important).