Starting with Solle Herbal Supplements

Using supplements, vitamins, and herbs can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I had been taking a ton of natural supplements recommended to me by various natural wellness practitioners and doctors for about 10 years. In the last year, I realized, I was still struggling with some of the same health concerns I was before, and was ready for a change.

In addition to changing my diet (mostly organic, plant-based) and following an influence of an Ayurvedic lifestyle (eating more mindfully, at specific times of day, and prioritizing my self-care), I used my own intuition and holistic health knowledge to create a protocol to support my body in the areas my nutrition couldn’t quite cover.

Enter Solle, a totally plant-based, safe herbal supplement solution that is easy to take, order, and understand.


What is SOLLE?

Adaptogenic Herbs…ALL of our products contain at least one Adaptogenic Herb. What in the world are they?

A class of "designer herbs" that your body will NOT "get used to," they won't "stop working," and they don't contain abuse, addiction, or tolerance potential. They help your body deal with stress biologically, physically, emotionally, mentally as your body reacts to stress. Stress is FAR MORE than mental! Think of them as your defense against life. 

It’s hard to know where to start, so email me if you have questions. Otherwise, start here by taking this super quick health assessment to see what where you might be lacking nutritional support.

FIRST TIME ORDERS can receive a coupon code for $25 off an order of $125, which I highly recommend, because you basically get a 4th item for free. Below are some popular packages, but you can order anything you’d like, with or without autoship.

Contact me for a ONE TIME USE coupon code for $25 off $125.


10% back for orders over $100

15% for orders over $150

20% for orders over $200

and an additional 5% if you set up a flexible monthly autoship that can be adjusted at any time!