What is the Wellness REALM?

Own your weight + wellness goals in the next 20 days.

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There's a lot of information available to us on the interwebs, at the bookstore, even at the gym. But maybe it doesn't have to be quite so complicated. Maybe we can bring back some basics, turn on your intuition, and do a little bit of uncomplicating of this whole adulting-meets-taking-care-of-yourself thing, together.

So what is the Wellness REALM?

This 4-week email series is a compilation of my best insider secrets and tried-and-true suggestions. It will help you create clarity and confidence in your daily wellness habits so that you can finally reach your happiest, healthiest weight (in a safe, balanced, and realistic way). 

The Wellness REALM is my Realistic Eating And Lifestyle Method for navigating nutrition and simplifying self-care. What else is in store? You'll just have to see for yourself.

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