About Nicole

I have found that today’s ideas regarding health and wellness is really confusing, and my goal is to clarify some of that confusion in a way that is both realistic and relatable for YOU.



A little about me and my style…

I am a parent. I am busy. I get stressed and sometimes I don’t eat perfectly. My son definitely doesn’t eat perfectly (he’s three). I used to think that a perfect diet not only existed, but was something I would never be able to fully implement in my life. I love wine, I love pizza, and there are some things I don’t want to give up.

Hello! I am a Certified Holistic Health + Nutrition Counselor and Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist. I coined the phrase “Wellness Enthusiast” because that’s what I am. I am really enthusiastic about getting YOU healthier.

I am passionate about sharing truthful knowledge that is both applicable and helpful in teaching others how simple wellness really can be. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Basically, my goal is to help to clarify all of the crazy things you read and hear about when it comes to “what it takes to lose weight and get healthy” and help you create a plan that is realistic for you to reach your health goals.

I work with clients, usually one-on-one via Facetime or Zoom to work through all the confusion and annoying obstacles that stand between you and a balanced, healthy life. We typically meet 2x per month for 6-12 sessions and we cover and conquer the following topics:

  • Organic eating + avoiding toxins

  • A unique weight loss strategy that is gradual + sustainable

  • How to fit in healthy exercise (“movement”) in your life that you actually enjoy

  • A better understanding of why our country is in a health crisis + how we got here

  • A better understanding of why all the other diets + difficult workouts you’ve been trying on + off for years is getting you nowhere

  • A seasonal meal plan that is guided by your body type

  • An intro to Ayurvedic eating + healing methods

  • An intro to pure essential oils + how to properly use them

  • Which vitamins + supplements are ideal for your body + goals and which ones you really don’t need at all

  • How to manage stress better with yoga + meditation

  • Inspiration to create clearer communication + boundaries with others

  • Understanding how health + wellness is holistic, taking all areas of our life into account rather than just focusing on what we eat.

  • If needed, addressing specific health concerns like hormonal imbalances, allergies, food sensitivities, inflammation, stress, lack of sleep, lack of energy, or auto-immune issues.

And you probably didn't even know this was a thing.

Since everyone has different health-related goals, it takes a lot of different types of health coaches to cover the spectrum of everyone's unique needs. This type of support comes in really handy when you are looking for more wellness and lifestyle ideas, support and knowledge instead of visiting with a nutritionist or dietician in more of a medical setting. 

Over the last few decades, health coaching has created a bridge between the medical world + the natural wellness world. Nicole helps others to better understand that many  of our country’s chronic health conditions are preventable + can be improved with cleaner eating + better self-care. 

I myself have struggled plenty with allergies, hormonal imbalances, anxiety + depression, stress, relationship struggles, poor financial decision making, and not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. (I also had a completely natural pregnancy and childbirth and love working with new moms!)

I finally decided that all of the work, trial and error, reading, classes, and life experiences that I had would be able to be put to great use inspiring others to create balance in their own lives, from the inside out.



Who will get the best results from working with you?

Using a down-to-earth and realistic approach, I work with those who are ready for real change, who are tired of waking up each day feeling unfulfilled, knowing there is something more in store for them, and have no idea where to start. We’ll work together with accountability and honesty so that you can finally get where you’ve been trying to go for so long.

I work mostly with women and mothers, but am open to working with men as well. My clients have experienced the most significant improvements in their health, stress levels, and overall outlook on creating balanced, sustainable wellness, when they commit to our sessions together, and completely let go of the excuses they held on to for so long. You have to be ready to take responsibility for your health, body, and life.

Take the first step and set up your initial session with me now so we can decide which plan is best for you, your goals and your lifestyle. I know this isn't the first time you've wanted to make changes in your health and life...so...

Do it. You've waited long enough.


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